The Top Ten Favorite Comic Couples

A superhero’s life can be tough, fraught full of danger even during the festive holidays.  This makes it even more important that once the costume comes off, they have a partner they can come home to.  Sometimes love is found outside of the superhero community, sometimes its found with their crime fighting partner. So with that in mind I give you my favorite couples in comics, past and present.  Let us know your favorite comic book couples in the comments below!


10. Ralph “Elongated Man” Dibny (First Appearance Flash #112 1960) and Sue Dibny (First Appearance Flash #119 1960)

The first couple on our list is The Elongated Man and his wife Sue. They had been married since the 60’s and were going strong until 2004. Sue was murdered in the Identity Crisis series. It was probably one of the grittiest series DC ever published since it was discovered that Sue was raped by Dr. Light (in a past story line) and pregnant at the time of her death. Ralph was overwhelmed with grief. He spent the next several years trying to get Sue back. He eventually gave his life to be with her in the afterlife. They reappeared briefly in the Blackest Night story line and it was thought they might return, but sadly no.


9. Scarlet Witch (First Appearance X-Men #4 1963) and Vision (First Appearance Avengers #57 1968)

She’s a mutant with ability to alter realities and he’s an android created by one of the Avenger’s greatest foes. It was an odd pairing for years to be sure, but Wanda helped bring out the human side in the Vision. This all ended when John Byrne decided to dismantle the Vision in Avenger’s West Coast #42. Vision lost his emotions and Scarlet Witch lost her mind. In this particular story line, they both lost their boys that Scarlet Witch created by warping reality, creating a pregnancy. It was speculated that the Vision’s emotions could be returned since they were imprinted from Simon Williams. Wonder Man denied access since he had been in love with Wanda from afar for sometime. We will see if the movies can recreate this romance correctly with the Scarlet Witch and Vision in Avengers:Age of Ultron.


8. Green Arrow (First Appearance More Fun Comics #73 1941) and Black Carnary (First Appearance Flash Comics #86 1949)

Green Arrow and Black Canary didn’t start out as a couple until 1969. They both had separate history before Dennis O’Neil and Neil Adams’ run. They were both street fighters using low tech weapons and training to do good in the world. Their series didn’t last long even with Adams beautiful pencils. Most of their interaction was seen in the Justice League of America. That was until Oliver was killed in the 90’s for a short period of time. They were re-united in the 2000’s when Kevin Smith brought him back to life in the Quiver story line. They later married in the Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special which led into their ongoing monthly series. As of the New 52 the two haven’t hooked up in this new continuity.


7. Aquaman (First Appearance More Fun Comics#73 1941) and Mera (First Appearance Aquaman#11 1963)

Aquaman has been the butt of many jokes for the last 60 years, but for 40 years he’s had an equally asskicking woman to help him in his adventures. Granted, during their history they have seen some hard times. They had a child that was nicknamed AquaBaby. Black Manta killed Arthur Jr, eventually driving Mera insane. At some point Aquaman was killed and resurrected during the Blackest Night story line. Their marriage actually continued into the New 52, even with several continuity changes over the last 20 years.


6. Joker (First Appearance Batman#1) and Harley Quinn (First Appearance Batman Animated Adventures 1992)

The heroes aren’t the only ones with epic relationships. Now the Joker and Harley romance didn’t actually start in the comics, but in the 90’s  Batman animated series where Harley originated. Harley was designed to be just a walk-on character or sidekick. Her popularity made her story. She was a psychologist that was obsessed with the Joker and eventually fell in love with him. The downside of the whole thing is that the Joker is INSANE. He tried killing all his ex-henchmen with Harley being the punchline. In the New 52 they had a falling out and it was speculated that they had a daughter, so their story still has some more to go.

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5. Superman (First Appearance Action Comics#1 1938)  and Wonder Woman (First Appearance All Star Comics#8 1941)

Lois who?  (Don’t worry, we’re getting to her.)  Admit it! It’s the match we’ve all really wanted to see happen. The DC New 52 finally saw Clark and Diana getting together. The downside of this pairing is the ending of our #2 on the list. So far they have had the normal dating issues along with the pair being super strong. DC launched a Superman/Wonder Woman title where we get to see both sides of their relationship and the joy they get out being with someone who can match their power level. The series also balances the times we see them in the Justice League book.


4. Cyclops and Jean Grey (First Appearance X-Men#1 1963)

She was the only girl at Xavier’s school in 1963 which meant all the boys were infatuated with her.  Yet it was the romance between her and Cyclops that was the thing of legends. These two have also had their ups and downs. The were together in the early X-Men issues and eventually had to deal with Jean’s “resurrection” as the Phoenix. The Phoenix was only using Jean’s likeness/soul to survive during its rise. During 30 some issues of the Uncanny X-Men, we got to see some rather tender moments between Scott and Jean. In X-Men #137, the Phoenix force committed suicide because of her love for Scott. Jean was later reborn in X-Factor #1. They later married in X-Men #30. Scott had to deal a daughter from an alternate future and more recently a younger Jean Grey from the past. Their time together ended when after being combined with Apocalypse, Cyclops’ thoughts changed to the point he felt Jean wouldn’t understand.  He started a romance with Emma Frost and Jean was sadly killed once more by Xorn.  Their story is tragic to this point, but also very powerful.


3. Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Amazing Fantasy #15 1962) and Mary Jane Watson/Parker (Amazing Spider-Man#25 1968)

From the moment the door opened and Mary Jane spoke the words, “Face it Tiger you just hit the jackpot” we knew there was something special about Mary Jane. It only took him 18 years to marry her. Peter and Mary Jane had relationship that was up and down for several years before that tied the knot. She had figured out he was Spider-Man when she saw Spider-Man climbing out of Peter’s window. Peter’s double life always created issues with marriage since it was like Peter cheating on her. They had a child that died at birth (presumably) and took a break before repairing their relationship.  Their marriage was eventually wiped out of Marvel existence by the demon Mephisto.  This was done to keep the Spider-Man character young. I personally didn’t like this at all. I feel Peter should have grown as a person and marriage being the natural progression of one’s adult life. We will hopefully see their relationship rekindle in recent Marvel stories, but we’re not holding our breath.


2. Superman (Action Comics #1 1938) and Lois Lane (Action Comic #1 1938)

Superman and Lois’s relationship has been around since 1938. The have been married twice since Superman’s creation. The Crisis on Infinite Earths originally ended it and the NEW 52 in 2011 caused to no longer exist once again. It seems that comics don’t really care for marriage for our major characters. Granted they try to avoid Superman being intimate with Lois and possibly having a child with something crazy happening to Lois (Super child super punching through the womb?). With all things when it comes around, it goes around, so maybe we will see Clark and Lois back together again in the comics soon (sorry Diana.).


1. Mr Fantastic and Invisible Woman (First Appearance Fantastic Four #1 1962)

The Fantastic Four has seen Reed and Sue together for 50 years. They have been the comic rock and a good example of how marriages survive for years. They have two children with Franklin and Valeria. They have seen their ups and downs. Reed was assumed dead at one point. They found themselves on opposite sides of Civil War.  Sue lost her brother the Human Torch, but he was brought back. One event I like to point out, as tragic as it was, was that Sue was pregnant in the 80’s and she lost the baby during child-birth. John Byrne reminded us that even though they are comic book characters, real human things can still happen to them. Even when Marvel cancels the book to offset the travesty that The Fantastic Four movie might become, we will see the Fantastic Four as Marvel’s first family.

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