Constantine: Rage of Caliban Review

  • Episode:  Rage of Caliban  (S01E06)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆
Constantine TV Series
John(I need a 2nd season) Constantine

Constantine was another dose of TV goodness. The show opens up on a house that looks a lot like the house from Amityville Horror. It appears someone in the house was smashed up against a wall, rather violently. There’s lots of blood sprayed all around and we see a man floating in mid-air begging for his life. We have a perfectly “innocent” child watching it all, but there’s something not quite right about this kid.

Enter our, John, having just had an over nighter with some lady who happens to already have a boyfriend, jumps on the case. Normally Zed would read the mystic blood map and tell us where our hero is going, but this week John decides he should handle this himself.  He does without any help and heads off to Birmingham, Alabama.  With a little dark arts detective work, he finds out what’s going on with a child. The story has a plot twist and little help from Manny; the case is closed.

Constantine - Season 1

What I like about this episode is the use of the monster in the closet.  John has to do some investigating in a mental institution, which makes him come a little bit more to terms with his own asylum days. The episode is definitely good, but still a little formulaic as we are coming to expect from the series. Since we found out the show is only getting 13 episodes, let’s hope it starts to change-up its story telling structure a bit or gets a better time slot, one not up against Supernatural, Gotham, Flash, or Arrow.

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