Flash: Power Outage Review

  • Episode:  Power Outage  (S01E07)
  • Review:  ★★★☆☆

At the shows open we learn Dr. Wells has been documenting Barry’s growing abilities, and using his computer to look at events in the future where it seems he is trying to stop the Flash from going missing. Barry arrives at a crime scene where the victim was murdered via electrocution, and he suspects a metahuman was involved.

There is a power drain in the city and Barry is sent to investigate When Barry arrives, he is attacked by Farooq Gibran, a man who has the ability to siphon and discharge electrical energy. The attack somehow drains Barry of his powers.  When Wells checks his secret computer, it now reveals that there are no references to Barry or “The Flash” in the future alluding to the fact that his power loss is permanent. There is a hostage situation going on at the same time at police headquarters. Tockman who had been taken down by Arrow previously, gets a hold of a gun and is trying to escape.

After running a few test it is determined that Barry’s body has not changed, but that it seems he just needs a jumpstart. While team Flash is trying to find a way to get Barry’s powers back, Farooq arrives at the lab wanting to kill Dr. Wells whom he blames for his condition, and by proxy, the death of his friends who he accidentally electrocuted when he gained his powers. Dr. Wells creates a distraction by releasing Tony Woodward to fight and kill Farooq, but in fact it is Tony who dies. Barry’s jump-start doesn’t seem to work but the team now believes that it is psychological in nature. When Farooq catches up to the team and they are in danger, Barry overcomes his fear, and stops Farooq. It is found that not only did he get his powers back but they seem to be stronger than before. Later, Dr. Wells takes a sample of Farooq’s blood to determine how he was able to absorb Barry’s abilities, possibly for nefarious purposes?.

This episode surely looks good from the outside, but it felt like they only wanted to introduce Tockman to remind us the crossover is coming and Farooq was just a crazed killer coming after the team per usual. Yes, we saw that before getting powers, Farooq was a nice guy, but why must people always go crazy after someone accidentally dies? I love the Clock King.  I think he is well written and well-played, but was it necessary for him to have been the other bad guy in the episode? No, as any old Flash villain or really anyone could have filled that role.  It felt empty to me that he was there but really didn’t lead to anything.

There was less narrative this episode and it felt more like a shotgun blast of a plot line. The episode was good, but when you hold it up in comparison to some of the other episodes we have seen so far, it just doesn’t hold up as well. Maybe the attention spans of the writers are stretched a little too far in making sure the Flash stays connectable to Arrow?

Comic Connections:

– William Tockman AKA The Clock King was at times a member of the Suicide Squad.  With all of the Suicide Squad connections in Arrow, maybe they are building back up to another Squad focused episode.

– Farooq, AKA Blackout, is a character introduced in Flashpoint. He was part of Cyborg’s planned team to take down both Emperor Aquaman and Wonder Woman to stop the Amazon and the Atlantean war.

– With all the talk of “Speed is the key” and how Barry is becoming “one” with his powers, could this be an introduction to The Speed Force?

– Eddie was shot and didn’t seem to heal any faster than normal, so maybe he becomes Reverse Flash later.  Even if not from the particle accelerator explosion that gave everyone else there powers, maybe his powers are mentally locked away, or maybe he never becomes more than Eddie in this series.

– Dr. Wells lists off several names of people who died in the explosion… I am guessing that some of them are still alive because they are as follows:
*Ralph Dibny AKA the Elongated Man.
*Al Rothstein AKA ATOM, Nuklon, Atom Smasher.
*Grant Emerson AKA Damage.
*Bea Decosta AKA Fire.
*Will Everett AKA Amazing Man.

All of these characters are of varying importance in the DC universe most with ties to the JLA in one way or another.  Most of them also had big roles to play in the Crisis story lines and taking into account the newspaper headline Dr. Wells keeps looking at, could we be seeing the beginnings of something much bigger?

– There are also two movie posters behind Barry as he is being mugged that have ties to DC characters; one for Nighthawk and Cinnamon and one for The Rita Farr Story.

– As always if I missed something please share it with us in the comment sections! We would also love to hear your thoughts and theorys on who Dr. Wells really is!

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