Comic News: Valiant Delivers Eight-Page Ivar, The Timewalker #1 Preview

Ivar, The Timewalker, the latest series from Valiant Entertainment in their Valiant Next initiative will not hit stands for another couple of months, but that is not stopping them from releasing a eight-page preview from the first issue.  From creators Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry, the series will focus on Armstrong’s brother Ivar as he begins his latest time traveling adventure to come to the aid of a time travel researcher.

At this very moment in Geneva, Switzerland, history is being made. A thousand meters underground inside the Large Hadron Collider, researcher Neela Sethi is about to discover time travel – and jeopardize her life in the process. But she doesn’t know that yet. Ten minutes from now, every deadbeat chrononaut, wannabe conqueror, and misguided protector of the timestream will be banging down her door. Good thing that the legendary Ivar, Timewalker, got there first…right? Now it’s down to history’s most jaded, most tempestuous time traveler to stop the worst of everything that is, was, and will be…before time runs out!

Ivar, The Timewalker #1 will hit stands January 21st.

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