Constantine: Danse Vaudou Review

  • Episode:  Danse Vaudou  (S01E05)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆

This week on Constantine we got a nice treat with the return of our favorite voodoo priest, Papa Midnight.  Our favorite villain decides to actually help folks in this episode. He uses his voodoo powers to speak to the dead. Which would be nice if  it didn’t raise spirits that start killing people. So John comes to the rescue. The thing is he only thinks that there are ghosts killing innocent civilians, without nefarious involvement. He tracks down the survivors of the dearly departed to discover Papa’s involvement. He confronts Papa and through a series of events, they create an unholy alliance to stop the ghosts. With the aura of doom occurring, Papa’s magic is being messed up.

Now what makes this episode particularly interesting is that it furthers Zed’s training. She gets to partner up with a local New Orleans police officer that has stumbled upon one of the murders. Just so happens the cop’s name is James Corrigan. The same Jim that eventually becomes the Spectre in DC comics.  Here is to hoping we might see him take the same leap in the series at some point.


The story becomes one of those that teaches you have to let your loved ones go when they pass. The episode still becomes a little formulaic with its story and pacing. The addition of Constantine teaming up with Papa Midnight and Jim Corrigan make the formula forgivable, however. There are several foreshadowing events in the episode as well. Hopefully we will continue to get to see more DC characters in future episodes. For those still doubting the character development, as with one key character defining element from Hellblazer, John does finally smoke in this episode.

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