Comic News: Billy The Pyro Vol. 1 Kickstarter Is Live

Fans of Billy the Pyro, the ongoing series from Alterna Comics, will be ecstatic to know the Kickstarter is now live for the first TPB for Vol. 1.  Straight from the creative team of Brad Burdick and Fabian Cobos, you can nab yourself the first four issue, 120-page volume of the series in either digital or print issue, along with a heaping pile of extra’s depending on which pledge reward level you go for.  A hat, print, and more can be yours for supporting this indie comic that we previously raved about here!

We snagged a few pictures from the Kickstarter page showcasing some of the fantastic prints you can get.  There is so much more there that you need to check it out yourself!  The Kickstarter runs from November 14th through December 14th so make sure to support this excellent indie book by pledging a copy for yourself and for that other comic fan you know, as the perfect Christmas gift!

BILLY THE PYRO is a not so normal coming of age story of an adolescent teenager having to deal with his abusive and troubled life. But that’s all about to change as Billy soon discovers he has been genetically altered by a government research institution to be able to produce and control the element of fire. Left with even more questions, Billy must learn to cope with his newfound ability, and struggles to put his past behind him as he discovers his purpose in life.

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