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Top 5 Costumes:  Iron Man

After a two week hiatus, we are back with another entry into Comic Closet.  Having taken a short break since our last, we wanted to come back with someone who has had a lot of costumes over the years, specifically a lot of really good costumes.  As we pondered on this, one of the main Avengers himself, Iron Man, fit this bill perfectly.  He always wears such nice suits.  Trying to narrow down the list of his armors into the top 5 is quite a tough order.  It was not tough only because of how many he has worn over the years, because it is a pain in the ass trying to get passed all that Stark tech security.  Luckily Tony has no shortage of enemies that helped us in and we were able to pull what we felt were the best of the best. Now sit back, pour a drink (just not in front of Tony), and check out our favorite picks Iron Man’s best costumes.  As always feel free to let us know in the comments below what your top five favorite costumes are as well!


5.  Model IV:  Like how many of the armor variations are created, it takes several things from the previous armors that preceded it.  It, as the previous two, established the red and gold that we came to be accustomed to for Iron Man’s staple colors.  The armor is slightly more refined than the Model II or III, with two subtle, but good changes.  The codpiece is retracted back a bit, as the previous two had more of a “skirt” look coming down that just didn’t look quite right. The boots are also given the layer look to match his gloves.  When we think of classic Iron Man, this is what comes to mind.


4.  Model I (Original):  A characters classic costume is not always one of the best, as we have seen several times before.  However, in the Model I case, we actually really like what Tony cooked up.  Is it an odd creation Tony created or something strange thing from Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory.  It might be old, big, and a bit bulky, but it actually looks quite smooth.  After the evolution of the armors, it hardly resembles what has been made since, but it still has a classic feel that we can never turn down.


3.  Model XI (War Machine):  Tony Stark originally designed this armor to combat a specific threat, but of course James Rhodes later kept this to become War Machine after returning the Iron Man mantle to a sober Tony.  The Model XI is another armor that at this point just feels like a classic.  The giant gatling gun on his shoulder is silly we admit, but that doesn’t stop us from loving it.  This armor looks like it is ready to fly into a hot zone and get business done.  It surely has our hearts.


2.  Model XIV (Hulkbuster):  We did not choose this costume because it is about to be shown on the big screen in Avengers:  Age of Ultron.  That just happens to be icing on the cake for fans of this monster like us.  How can someone not like an armor that was created to take one of the strongest characters in the Marvel universe?  Defensively this thing is like a tank and can take a beating;  we even like the small little details like extra protection on the knees.  It still looks like Iron Man, but it looks like Iron Man if he started pumping steroids.  Just looking at the arms and legs, you can see the raw power this armor has.  Tony should consider just wearing this thing all the time, even though we assume he needs all the juice in New York city to run this.


1.  Model XXX (Extremis):  The most recent addition to Tony’s armory on our list happens to be our all time favorite.  The Extremis armor not only happens to be his most convenient armor to change into and one of his most powerful, it is the most stylish too.  The armor takes everything from his previous armors and makes them much sleeker than ever before.  It is the best color coordination he has had, with the balance of red to gold.  It took the old school armor and brought it into the current generation and we could not love it more.

Dishonorable Mention


Godkiller:  So Tony needed to make an armor that could face down with a celestial.  Apparently his plan was to trick them into thinking he was one of them, based in the mask.  Is there a celestial bar they all hang out at and he thoughts he could sneak in and go undercover.  Sure, he might not be the right size, but he could always just say he was the runt of his family. Joking aside, and the terrible helmet design aside, the armor tries to add a ton of unnecessary details for no good reason.  It has too much going on which just makes it look very sloppy.  Maybe a bigger celestial will get to drunk in the bar and accidentally step on this.  It would save us the time of ditching at the junkyard where it belongs.

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