First Appearance: Speedy (Mia Dearden)


Name:  Speedy

Alias:  Mia Dearden

First Appearance:  Green Arrow Vol. 3 #2 (May 2001 DC Comics)

Created by:  Kevin Smith and Phil Hester

“I’m making a life-change here, and I want to make sure you know I’m serious”

speedy1No super hero comes to mind that first appears in as tragic a situation as Mia Dearden, Speedy, does.  She fought hard from the beginning to get to be the Green Arrow’s sidekick, but unfortunately the New 52 came and that was all for nothing.  Speedy has been lost to us in this new continuity, and all we are left with is her semi-spiritual successor, Thea Queen on Arrow.  Mia has been deeply missed so we decided it was time to take a look back at her creation by Kevin Smith all the way back in Quiver, one of our all time favorite Green Arrow tales.

Mia originally arrived to us a 15 year old prostitute who had enough of that life and happened to meet the Green Arrow one fateful night.  Oliver Queen was fresh back to the land of the living and decided to try to help the poor girl by taking her in.  She quickly saw through his disguise and found out that he was Green Arrow.

She pushed hard on him to let her become his newest sidekick, but Oliver was against the idea.  He at least began to train her to take care of herself as a fighter and archer, but she wanted a costume.  She relented but he continued to refuse until she announced that she was HIV positive. She finally was trained and pushed enough that Oliver eventually relented and allowed her the mantle of his previous sidekick Roy Harper, Speedy.

Her story began in the home of a Star City councilman who was throwing a party and hired her for his own personal services.  She was taken into his room where he began photographing her and having her remove her clothe.  Luckily for Mia, a commotion came from outside as arrow’s were flying.  Green Arrow has arrived to confront the councilman and took out his bodyguards.  He subdues the councilman and tells Mia she should leave.  Before she does, he gives her a card telling her she has other options.  Green Arrow himself leaves, not before pinning the councilman’s drugs and photo’s of Mia to the wall as the police enter.


Mia goes back to the hotel she is staying at and her pimp/boyfriend Richard comes to check on her.  He begins prodding her for information about the vigilante who busted the councilman, as at this point it was not known that Green Arrow was alive once more.  Once he gets all the details, he tries t o come on to her but she refuses.  He pulls a knife on her and tells her he just wanted one last time with her before he kills her.  Richard was afraid that the person who took out the councilman would make his way back to him, so having Mia disappear was a safer option.

As he’s about to kill her, she fights back and is able to get his knife.  She tells him she is done with him and the prostitution as she positions herself on top of him.  Warning him she’ll kill him if he tries to follow her, she cuts the tendon on his left hand between his thumb and index finger.  After that, it would not be until the next issue that Mia would meet Oliver, and 42 more issues before she finally gained her costume and became Speedy.


The New 52 continuity reboot unfortunately did not have a place for Mia as Oliver was de-aged considerably and their adventures together never happened.  She wasn’t the only character to find they had no place in the new timeline, Oliver’s own son Connor Hawke got the boot.  Even he was able to find a place in Earth 2 as Red Arrow.  Hopefully DC will find it in their hearts to recreate Mia and we will see her firing arrows with Oliver again.  Until then, at least we are left with a near ten year run to go back to and enjoy once more, and a small hope that Thea on Arrow will eventually pick up where Mia left off if nothing else.

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