Arrow: Guilty Review

  • Episode:  Guilty  (S03E06)
  • Review:  ★★☆☆☆

We think we finally find out who killed Sara this week only to find out that we are no further along in finding out than before; or are we? It was a fairly standard Arrow episode.  I am happy because at the end we are introduced to an actual, for real Arrow comic villain again and that is always a great time.

Arrow and his team start things off by looking to take out a gang and their drug operation in a warehouse.  As they stake it out, Roy has another daydream about killing Sara. When they finally get inside, everyone is already dead. It looks like the killer left the drugs untouched and killed everyone but a single gang member whom he kidnapped, leaving only the word guilty in blood behind. Once they finally track the missing gang member down, he is dead in Ted’s (Laurel’s trainer, or Wildcat to DC fans) gym.  Ted and Laurel were together at the time of the members death so Arrow and the cops let Ted off, though Oliver still has suspicions.

Oliver follows Ted to a storage area, only to find  another dead man.  After a short fight between the two, we find out that Ted used to be a vigilantly. Oliver and Ted team up and track the killer to a club where it is implied that he has some bigger connection to Ted. The cops show up, allowing the killer to escape, and arrest Ted with the entirety of the Arrow team convening back at the hideout to regroup.

At the hideout, after consulting with Felicity about it, Roy tells everyone that he killed Sara under what they believe to be the influence of mirakuru. Laurel, after learning what Roy has done, takes no time at all to get back in the game and questions Ted while she processes the information. We find out that he had once taken on a sidekick and that he retired because his sidekick once killed a man.

While leaving police station, Ted and Laurel are kidnapped by Stanzler, Ted’s old sidekick. Laurel is able to contact Felicity through her cellphone, who sends Oliver to save the day.  He pursues the getaway car on his bike and Stanzler takes it out, but never fear, as Roy shows up to save the day. Just before Stanzler is defeated, he warns Roy that the moment he is no longer needed or the first mistake he makes, his teacher will abandon him the same way he was abandoned by Ted.

Back in the hideout, Oliver uses a memory technique that we saw him use in this week’s flashbacks in Hong Kong, with Roy.  It reveals to Roy he in fact did not kill Sara, because the dreams he had been having were a mix of his real memories from when he did have mirakuru in his system. Roy is not relieved because even though he didn’t kill Sarah, he does remember killing the cop and still feels as if he is a murderer.

In a prelude to next week, as Stanzler is taken outside the police station for a transfer, they are ambushed by a redheaded female archer.  Just before what we can assume is the archer killing him Stanzler, he asks “Who are you?” to which the archer replies “I’m Cupid, stupid.”

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