Constantine: A Feast of Friends Review

  • Episode:  A Feast of Friends  (S01E04)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆

This weeks set up for Constantine is simple, or is it? We have a strange man entering the country under suspicious means. He is transporting a bottle of some kind, which we don’t know. Like many horror films, the item is opened by the wrong individual and the possession begins.

During these events John is hanging out with Zed in a park. He is teaching her to embrace her abilities. While Zed is testing her limits, she starts seeing “pennies from Heaven,”cuing Manny to appear. Now keep in mind, when Manny appears, time stops except for John. It’s a really cool effect, that so far I still am impressed by for TV.  His arrival is the foreshadowing that something supernatural has occurred. Garry Lester, the strange man, happens to be an old acquaintance of John’s. He was last seen during the New Castle incident and now he’s show up at John’s door.  Along with him are giant cockroaches, from the released demon.

So the chase begins. John finds out that the demon is a feast demon that consumes whatever it can. He discovers this information with a, intereesting drug induced flashback with a shaman. This particular scene made the show realy feel like a comic book.  The demon inhabits it’s host by infecting them with bugs. If you’ve seen tons of horror movies where bugs kill a person by entering their mouth, then you’ve see this. What makes this one so disturbing though, is that the host then eats and eats until they are dead. Through the story we discover that the demon can be trapped inside a host. The host has to have their skin carved with a specific pattern. We also find a little history with Garry and John.  Garry has been a drug addict for some time and hee has a lot to atone for.


The thing that makes this episode so exciting is that we see more into John’s ability to lose friends. The feast demon’s reign of terror must be ended with sacrifice and John is our “hero”. You get where this is going. We also see the loss John is willing to go through to stop the forces of evil. The makers of the show broke the typical mold and showed us another side of John that makes us want to fight with him.

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