Comic News: Marvel Releasing Unusual Ant-Man #1 ‘Shrinking Variant’

This January Scott Lang will be getting his own starring role in a brand new ongoing series Ant-Man #1 from Marvel Comics.  To celebrate the new series, Marvel is crafting one of the most unusual and unique variants, a ‘Shrinking Variant.’

The variant cover, created by artist Ed McGuinness, will be unique for each owner and individually numbered.  Each cover will feature Ant-Man in a slightly different size, from small to large, ensuring no one has the exact same cover.

“This is completely unlike any cover we’ve ever attempted,” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “We’ve even had to utilize new technologies to make it happen. Each variant is completely unique. Each and every cover will feature a different sized Ant-Man. No two are identical!”

This variant is sure to be limited in quantity, so make sure you start checking with your favorite comic retailer now!


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