The Flash: Plastique Review

  • Episode:  Plastique  (S01E05)
  • Review:  ★★★☆☆

To begin, while this episode was very good, it was somewhat of a step back for the Flash. Last episode we got to see the start of the rouges gallery coming to power and this week we see a variation of the standard meet new character and oh by the way we will never seem them again.  The episode “Plastique” starts with Barry at a bar mingling his friends all together; Iris and Eddie playing darts and Caitlin and Cisco discovering that Barry can’t get drunk. Everyone seems super happy and yet the two groups do not really mingle well at all.

On the other side of town a woman is stealing files and she gets caught red-handed, but she throws an explosive backpack in the way to make her escape. A window washer gets knocked off his stand from the explosion and is clinging to the side. Eddie gets the call and rushes off and of course Barry heads off after him.  While Iris said she would just head home, she has also headed to the explosion hoping to see the Streak. Checking first with Caitlin and Cisco, Barry learns how to run up walls and saves the window washer just in time but he comes face to face with Iris.  Fortunately for now she cannot recognize him because he shakes his head at super speeds before running off.

The next morning Barry, Joe, and Eddie are investigating the bombing, though Barry is unable to find any traces of an actual bomb. He finds an empty file folder, the only thing that was missing and heads back to the precinct. There, the Army has shown up and takes over the case of the bombing, demanding all of the collected evidence. Barry keeps the file folder with the suspects name on it so that he and the STAR Labs team can look into it further.

Barry tells the crew about the Army taking over the case.  Wells reveals to them that he knows General Eiling already, the man in charge of the investigation. Using the file Barry took, Cisco is able to track down the person that caused the explosion, Bette Sans Souci, known better in the comics by the name Plastique. Barry runs off to talk to her, but she accidentally touches his suit which is when we learn that Bette is creating the bombs with her touch and that she can not control it.

The STAR Labs crew figure out that Bette is targeting everyone that had experimented on her after she gained her powers. Barry gets there in time to save the doctor and incidentally Bette. Brining her back to STAR Labs, Wells and company explain the particle accelerator incident to Bette and how she really got her powers.  As Caitlin examines her, she finds out that Bette had been shot with a tracer during his last encounter with the army. They find this out a little late, as General Eiling and his goons are already at the Lab. Barry, Cisco, Caitlin and Bette all quickly escape, leaving Wells to confront the General.

Through out the episode Joe and Barry have tried to convince Iris to stop looking into the Streak, fearing for her safety and that she will learn of Barry’s powers.  Having failed each time before Barry decides perhaps the Streak himself will have luck. In costume, he tells her he doesn’t do what he does for the recognition, so her blog isn’t necessary. Iris responds she does it for her friend Barry so that he will again believe in he impossible, again refusing to give up on her investigation.

Getting back in the lab, the crew tells Bette it’s impossible to change her back to normal.  Barry wants her to join the team having found the first sane meta-human, but everyone else on the team shoots down the idea.  Once alone Bette and Wells discuss her abilities, how he knows how she feels, and slowly manipulates her into killing General Eiling.

She sets a meet point and is quickly surrounded by Eiling and his men outside the city.  Finding her gone from the lab, Barry races to the scene and arrives just after Bette has thrown some explosive balls at the soldiers.  In the end he stops her from killing the men, but isn’t fast enough to notice the General is still conscious with a gun, shooting Bette in the chest. When she dies, her body begins to glow as the power inside her is about to explode.  The team calculates that with her body mass it is going to be massive explosion that could destroy the city. Asking Caitlin and Cisco to calculate the speed he would require, Barry learns to run across water and drops the bomb a safe distance from the city.

General Eiling is able to cover up the incident as military testing.  While the rest of the Flash team is out semi-celebrateing, at STAR Labs General Eiling pays Wells a visit where he tries to convince him to partner up with him once again.  We see in a flashback how their original partnership ended in an argument, over none other than Gorilla Grood, apparently one of Well’s test subjects.

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