Gotham: The Mask Review

  • Episode:  The Mask (S01E08)
  • Review:  ★★★☆☆

This weeks episode “The Mask” fell short for my expectations with Gotham. I feel like we’re riding a roller coaster where it goes down a huge fun hill, but then it goes a tad bit higher for it to just level out. In ‘The Mask’ we only really care about two things: Bullock and Cobblepot. Bullock seems to find a balance of good cop and rough, tough, plays by his own rules cop. Cobblepot continues his scheming and his own little revenge hideaway on the water front where in just about every episode he now hurts or kills someone.

The episode starts off with a fantastic, no rules, all out fight in an abandoned office space.  We are talking the whole nine yards from staplers to the head to paper cutters to the neck. A man ends up dead during the fight which becomes Gordon’s case this week. Nigma finds a finger in the victims mouth that he had bit off from his killer before dying.

Cobblepot very politely robs a woman of her brooch on the street, in the day time, on his way to a meeting with Fish. He offers the brooch to Fish as a peace-offering while he talks about putting the past behind them, moving forward with business as usual, and of course no blood shed. Fish makes it very clear that the only reason his isn’t dead is because she isn’t in charge just yet; she emphasizes her point by stabbing him through the hand. He leaves in a bit of a huff, taking the brooch with him. Cobblepot visits his mother and it is just as strange and somewhat off-putting as it always is when we see her, but she gives him an idea of finding out Fish’s secret.

Gordon and Bullock investigation leads them to a black market surgeon, who after some persuading, gives them a card for a finance firm. Gordon arrests the doctor which causes more waves back at the precinct because it seems Gordon is just continuing to go around arresting all of the little fish that other cops have a quid pro quo with. Gordon goes home where we find out that Barbera is struggling with the events of last week to which Gordon does a horrible job of making her feel better.

The two detectives make their way to the financial firm of Richard Sionis where it is made very clear that he is in fact the bad guy. They arrest the man whom is missing his finger, but just before he can sign a full statement, he is bailed out by a lawyer from Sionis. Nigma points out this death is similar to four others and the police are now at a dead-end unless they can find where the fights are taking place.

Meanwhile Alfred tries to get Bruce out of the dark and dank mansion by sending him back to school, a place Bruce at first doesn’t seem fond of but warms up to quickly.  That is until we meet Tommy Elliot (eat your hearts out Hush fans) a bigger boy who picks on Bruce. When Alfred picks up Bruce he confronts him and Bruce tells him he lost the fight he started because his mother was disrespected.  Alfred takes Bruce to confront Tommy, and by confront I mean beat him down, along with scaring him with Alfred’s help, to make sure he leaves Tommy alone forever.

Going back to Gordon and Bullock, the two split up to find the right building owned by Sionis.  Of course Gordon is the one to find it, but he is captured by Sionis and pit in his office arena. Sionis offers a million dollars and a job to one of three potential employees who kills Gordon.

With Gordon missing and Bullock left with no leads, he crafts a rousing speech in which he convinces the cops who hate Gordon to help find him since no matter their feelings he is still a cop. The police finally find the office building and come to his a,id but by the time they get there, he has handled things all on his own anyways.

Cobblepot uses his replacement in Fish’s camp to learn her secret that she has someone close to Falcone on her side, though he doesn’t know who. Speaking of Fish’s double agent, she says she wants out, afraid Falcone or his men will find out about her, but Fish convinces her that she is on the right side and that everything will be ok.

In other smaller details we learn that Selina is a decent thief, beyond getting caught and brought to the station.  Gordon comes to see her in the precinct, but  the scene was more pointless in the episode than anything. Barbara leaves Gordon and all we know is that she left a note, so its going to be a tough night for him.  We will have to wait till next week to see what that’s about.  However the best part of the episode is by far at the end when Bruce asks is Alfred can teach him to fight and he replies “Yes, Master Bruce… Yes I can.”

Gotham seems to do a lot of little jumps back and forth, which wouldn’t be so bad if it were not for the fact that there seems to be so damn many of them and that a lot of them lead to pointless scenes. Such as why is the show forcing Seilina down our throats when there is no reason for her on the show?  This show is killing me with its ups and downs, I just hope its leading somewhere good.

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