Randal’s Monday Review

  • Developer:  Nexus Game Studios
  • MSRP:  $24.99
  • Rated M for Mature
  • Released on November 12, 2014
  • Platforms:  PC
  • Review:  ★★★☆☆

Randal’s Monday

Fans of Kevin Smith’s View Askew universe will be clamoring to get Randal’s Monday.  The game features Clerks star Jeff Anderson in the role of Randal through a click and point adventure.  It is not the same Randal from Clerks, but even in another fun little nod to the films, his last name is Hicks.  Jason Mewes even makes a cameo appearance as Jay with his partner in crime Silent Bob.  Just because it has connections to films we may or may not love, is it worth your attention.

The game begins on Sunday with Randal at his favorite local bar, Clancy’s, to meet with his newly engaged friends, Matt and Sally.  After having way to much to drink, Matt goes to the back alley to rid himself of some alcohol, but he shows Randal a special engagement ring for Sally that he got from someone on the street.  There is something particularly special about this ring, so when Matt heads back in and accidentally drops his wallet with ring in it, Randal being a kleptomaniac takes it.

When Randal wakes the next morning, he gets harassed by his landlord over back rent and then receives a call to go over to Matt and Sally’s apartment, as something awful has happened. With the engagement ring missing, Matt stuck his head in the oven, killing himself.  Life goes on and Randal still needs to pay his rent, so his sells the ring to a local pawn shop.  It is not until he goes to sleep and finds that it is Monday once more, that he realizes that he needs to get the ring back to set things right.  Of course, this is much easier said than done.

The game plays like all standard point and click adventures.  Each area you need to go to is separated by the subway system, so you just hope on there and choose from a map the location you will need to go to.  You need to talk to just about everyone you can find for clues on what to do next and keep your eyes peeled for numerous different items you’ll need throughout your adventure to solve various puzzles.

Unfortunately this is the area that the game has problems.  In the end there is not a lot of areas to traverse to, meaning you will be seeing the same ones numerous times.  Not only that, but over the entire game, you are going to be constantly going back and forth between these areas which gets slightly tedious after a while, either needing to talk to someone, find an item, or perform a task.

The puzzles are typically very funny, but this actually leads them to becoming very frustrating.  The game tells you to use logic to solve many puzzles, but typically that is not the case.  In one part, you will need to grab matches and rat poison from your friend Matt’s apartment, a bowl of corn nuts from the bar, take the corn nuts to the pawn shop which has a burner you light with the matches, place the bowl of corn nuts on top to pop them into popcorn, put rat poison on the popcorn, and then feed it to pigeons on the roof of your apartment to kill them so you can get an old beer funnel which you will need for a puzzle back at the pawn shop.  That did not feel logical, especially popping corn nuts into popcorn.  In the end it definitely made me laugh, but it still had me a little annoyed.  The puzzles are bizarre and designed to make you laugh typically, which means logic is out the door, leaving you to try anything you possibly can.

That ends up being the trade-off.  The game will get you frustrated at the puzzles and leave you wondering what to do next.  The game wisely has a hint system in place that you can choose to do which will tell you what to do next, even though it feels like you need to rely on it more than you should.  What it does best though is the humor.  The game is extremely funny, and expect to crack up throughout the entire thing.  Like Clerks, it makes fun of a variety of movie and genres, including a long segment parodying the Shawshank Redemption, Brooks and all.  It was a little disappointing that Jay and Silent Bob are not included more in the game than they are, as you will see them twice, and the first time beyond talking to them for laughs, they have nothing to do with your quest until the next time.  Oh and Clerks fans, what would a party be without a reference to a interspecies erotica.

Randal’s Monday will leave you wanting to scream trying to figure out what to do next, unless you just completely give in to the hint system.  In the end though, if you want to play this game, you really want it for the endless hysterics that it is going to provide you.  It’s puzzling system may be flawed, but the humor is spot on which for this is what really matters.


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