Movie News: Latest Suicide Squad Rumor Roundup

Since Warner Brothers announced that a Suicide Squad film is in the works, there have been plenty of rumors about potential stars they are eyeing, from Tom Hardy to Will Smith.  This last week has brought three fresh new casting rumors for possible parts and the actors up for them.

Perhaps the biggest rumor making waves is from The Wrap.  This past week they reported their sources told them that not only is the Joker set to make an appearance, but musician and actor extrodinaire Jared Leto is up for the role.

With the Joker in mind, Collider is reporting that according to their sources, Harley Quinn will be joining the film as well.  They are saying Margot Robbie, last seen in The Wolf of Wall Street, has already been cast in the role.

Only time will tell if these rumors pan out to be true, but we will let you know if anything official hits!

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