Arrow: The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak Review

  • Episode:  The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak (S03E05)
  • Review:  ★★☆☆☆

This week The Flash took the night off and after watching this weeks episode of Arrow “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak” I wish Arrow had too.

Felicity is a fan favorite character who up until this week had an empty and mysterious background that the fans imaginations could run wild with. Sadly this episode just feels like a filler episode and she deserved more than the over told, simplistic hacker background they gave her. That all being said  Emily Bett Rickards who plays the character was still able to be one of the shows strongest performers as per usual.

Flashback to five years ago, she, her boyfriend, and a roommate hacked into the government student records database in their college dorm room.  Unlike her though, her boyfriend Cooper wants to wipe out all record of student debt. She stops Coooper because she is afraid that it is to large of an act, something people will notice and get them arrested. She is of course right and Cooper is arrested not long after.

In the present, Felicity is bombarded early in the morning by uninvited guests, first by her boss, and then by her mother all before she could even get dressed in the morning. Later that already stressful day only gets more stressful after a hacker group turns off all the power in the city and then threatens to wipe out all the bank accounts in the city. She quickly realizes the code is her own from when she was in college. After following all the leads they could they come to a dead-end; Cooper fits the bill according to Oliver, but Felicity reveals he killed himself in jail before sentencing.

As they race to figure out who is behind the cyber attacks, Felicity and her mother are kidnapped, and it turns out, it was Cooper who is alive all along. Cooper had actually been working for the NSA and had only faked his death in order to drop off the radar. Felicity is able to secretly contact Oliver who then comes to the rescue with Roy and Diggle.

Everyone is happy and going on with their lives when we see a dream sequence of Sara’s death, in which Roy is the killer. The episode ends with Roy jolting awake from sleep, covered in sweat.  Comic he have been the killer all along or is this something else?

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