Gotham: Penguin’s Umbrella Review

  • Episode:  Penguin’s Umbrella (S01E07)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆

I had been worried that Oswald Cobblepot was going to always be this sniveling, scared little man, but in this episode, “Penguins Umbrella,” my worries were washed away. So far in the show there had been some snippets where we see that Cobblepot is a decent schemer, but that seemed out weighed by all the groveling and hiding he seemed to do. This episode we really got to see just how of a master planer he really is and I have to say I like it.

Thanks to movies like Blade Runner and shows like the animated Batman from the 90’s, I like a certain type of cop. I am not the biggest fan of boy scout types, so when I watch Gotham I find myself not caring about Gordon as much as I do the criminals.  Yet I really watch Bullock and I hope to see him stay just as he is, all rough and gruff, but as a more good than bad cop then how he is currently portrayed. In this episode we see Gordon’s good wearing off onto Bullock, but in an interesting and not at all straight forward sort of way.

The episode starts right were we left Gordon in the police station, being saved by the emergence of Cobblepot. Gordon is released and then just moments later Bullock has a gun to him.  Bullock reckons killing Gordon is the only way to appease Falcone and Fish, who he thinks correctly must be after them both with Cobblepot being alive. Every one seems to think Cobblepot, Gordon, and Bullock should be dead: Fish and even the rest of the GCPD, everyone except Falcon it seems.

Fish isn’t allowed to kill anyone, but she really wants to .  She sends some men to retrieve Gordon from his home. They do not succeed in bringing him in needless to say; in fact they just empower him when they threaten Barbara. Gordon gets Barbara out of town, but refuses to leave with her, saying he still has things to do in Gotham.

Gordon starts his vendetta like mission to clean up the city by arresting the mayor and Falcon with blank warrants from the police station. Falcone sends his own guy into the police precinct to get Gordon after Fish’s failure, someone Batman fans will know very well, Victor Zsasz! Arriving at the station and proving his power, he tells the rest of the station to leave him with Gordon.  Telling him he should come quietly but once they are alone in the room, Gordon draws his gun and begins what seems like his last stand. After being force to flee when he is shot, hiding in the parking lot Gordon is saved by Montoya and her partner, but not before being shot once more.

Unable to do anything by Falcone, Fish personally goes and asks Moroni for Cobblepot, but it seems that he doesn’t want to give up his golden goose. Fish gets a nice moment to shine here with a few choice parting words for Cobblepot. We then watch as Fish hits Maroni’s operation, and Maroni is forced to hit Falcone back.

Accepting more and more that he might not make it out alive, Gordon visits Bruce to introduce him to Montoya. He lets Bruce know that even if he doesn’t make it that Montoya will continue on looking for his parents killer.

The two mob families are able to come to a truce while Gordon arrests the mayor with the help of his partner Bullock, who has decided if he is marked anyways, he should go out as a good guy. When they confront Falcone, he and Bullock are surprised to find that Falcon has possession of Barbara. Then we the audience are surprised as much as we can be, knowing Gordon is the main focus of Gotham, that Falcone lets everyone go unharmed.

In the final scene we finally get a glimpse at the big picture deal that has been in place since the first episode. Cobblepot and Falcone have been working together the whole time.  Everything that has happened so far with Maroni, Fish, and Gordon has been a part of Cobblepots plan.  Back when Falcone met Gordon for the first time, he visited Cobblepot who promised him if he were to live, he would come back to Gotham, infiltrate Maroni’s operation and feed him back information.  Not only this, but of course he had a chance to tell Falcone that Fish was working to replace him. Even Falcon is surprised at how well the plan has played out thus far. I know that Cobblepot has more in store for us and I can’t wait to find out what it is!

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