Comic Closet: Halloween Special – Skeletons

Top 5 Costumes:  Skeletons

For Halloween we wanted to do something a little special for our weekly Comic Closet feature.  When we think of Halloween, we think of death.  What personifies death more than a creepy old skeleton.  At that rate, how about an animate skeleton that either punishes the wicked or preys on the good?  With that in mind, we decided to look at some of the most famous skeleton characters from comics and find which ones we found to be the best dressed.  Just because you are a skeleton doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look like a stylish pile of bones.  We tracked down our top five favorite skeleton heroes and villains, that are generally associated in some form of showing their bones on a regular basis, from the world of comics and pitted them against each other to see who was the best dressed.  It was a spooky job, but who else are you gonna call?  The Ghostbusters don’t deal with skeletons or judge costumes!  Check out our favorites below and let us know your top five in the comments.


5.  Fever Pitch:  Is it hot in here or is it just you?  Yep, pretty sure its just you.  This former Generation X villain has stayed with the simple approach and decided to shake what God gave him.  Or he might have just been too poor to get an unstable molecule costume.  Either way, simple can be nice, especially when you are a flaming skeleton.  The fire is a nice weapon and fashion accessory, in which this is one thing Fever Pitch puts Ghost Rider to shame.


4.  Red Skull:  While the Red Skull decided to look like a skeleton through use of a mask, as your always hear, make that face and it will stay like that.  Sure enough for him, it eventually permanently stayed like that.  Typically he is most known for his Nazi uniform or something more minimalist, such as pictures above with his long black trench coat and otherwise normal clothing.  We like this simple approach best from him.  It really shows that type of guy he is.  He just wants the small things, long walks on the beach, someone to hold him, the rise of the Third Reich.


3.  Mister Bones:  Mister Bones is not fully a skeleton, but considering his translucent skin, blood, and, well, everything, he has the look down.  The costume he gave himself is quite regal, a nice cape, long boots you would expect from a prostitute, and a simple set of crossbones on his chest.  We liked that he was able to nail the color scheme as well, black, red, and a tad bit of yellow are good choices for a skeleton.


2.  Skeletor:  Did you possibly think you could escape a skeleton list without including one of the best there is, Skeletor?  We think not.  Stepping away from the original animated series and looking at his more detailed costume from the comics, he actually looks pretty amazing.  His skull face still gets all of the spotlight here, but the red jewel binding his cloak together really is a stand out here as well.  Not only that, but more so than almost any hero or villain, he makes purple look damn good.

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1.  Ghost Rider:  The top skeleton to take our list is also the only hero to place in the top five.  For some reason, skeletons just typically are not portrayed in the hero role, with Ghost Rider being one of the top exceptions.  His biker look already is quite bad-ass, no doubt.  When actually paired with his hell fire flaming skull, the entire look just hits overdrive.  His flaming chains are the perfect accessory for him to say he’s formal, but here to party.  In the end, isn’t that what Halloween is all about?

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