Arrow: The Magician Review

  • Episode:  The Magician (S03E04)
  • Review:  ★★☆☆☆

“The Magician” was Arrows fiftieth episode so one would assume it was going to be a big and exciting blow out right? Sadly it wasn’t, the episode was mostly a talkative one without much really being said.  Arrow keeps the shows plot line nice and tidy this week with a current plot line of the team trying to find Sara’s killer and a flashback plot of Oliver on a mission in Honk Kong for Amanda Waller.

The episode begins right where the last one ended with Nyssa aiming her bow at Oliver and demanding to know where Sara is. Oliver informs Nyssa that Sara is dead and where she was buried, but the interesting part is that Nyssa guessed that Sarah had been killed by arrows which Oliver confirmed. Nyssa runs off to Sara’s grave and Oliver has Roy follow her because he believes she knows something more.

Laurel just happens to be at Sara’s grave when Nyssa arrives and Nyssa offers condolences on behalf of herself and her father, but which Laurel refuses to accept. Laurel instead blames Nyssa and the League for Sara’s steps into the darkness, therefore, by association her death. Nyssa points out that she loved Sara and shared her heart and soul with her, but that Sara already had darkness whiten her and that she did what she could to protect her.

Roy follows Nyssa to a safe house that he and Oliver assume is Nyssa’s, but when Oliver arrives to talk to Nyssa about it we learn it was in fact Sara’s. After some arguing Nyssa tells Oliver the reason that Sara was in Starling city, she was tracking none other than Malcolm Merlyn who in fact was not dead, as Oliver had still be unaware of.

With new leads in hand, the team works on tracking down Malcolm, believing he killed Sara.  Heading to a monastery in the city belonging to a man who they think may know where Malcom is hiding. Instead they find Malcolm himself who of course escapes Nyssa and Oliver, but not before Oliver hits him with a nano-technology tracer arrow.

Oliver not killing Malcolm and just tagging him seems to tick everyone off from Laurel to Nyssa. Oliver points out that he is no longer a killer to which Laurel counters, reminding him of all the people who Malcolm has in fact killed. Laurel leaves with Nyssa close behind and in the alley they come to an understanding that Malcolm must die.

Oliver goes after Malcolm on his own knowing that everyone else can not be trusted not to kill Malcolm. Oliver and Malcolm end up having a face to face meeting in a very public place where Malcolm convinces Oliver that he had nothing to do with Sara’s death.  He insists he is just there to watch over Thea.

Oliver later meets with Thea, trying to stick to his point of not lying to her, to tell her that Malcolm is in fact alive to which she pretends to be surprised.

Everyone is now really pissed that Oliver let Malcolm live, even after he explains to Nyssa why, including that Thea is Malcom’s daughter. Nyssa now armed with that knowledge, kidnaps Thea to get to Malcolm. However, Oliver arrives to save Thea first, freeing her and fighting Nyssa. Malcolm soon joins the fray and it’s an all out battle between the three of them. Nyssa becomes pinned and Oliver disarms Malcolm.

Here we get even more talking after pretty much the only real fight scene in this episode. Malcolm points out that Ra’s doubted Sara’s loyalty for a long time and that he is a very ruthless man. What would such a man do to someone such as Sara if he found out she had stolen his daughter’s heart? Malcolm points out that no prison can hold him so Oliver must choose to either kill him or let him go; Oliver of course lets him go.

Back at the Arrow HQ, Nyssa shares her distaste with Oliver by punching him in the face. Oliver makes it clear that while in his city Malcolm is not to be harmed until they find out who really killed Sara. Nyssa tells Oliver that he has just made an enemy out of the league before she leaves for home.

In the final scene while Nyssa is debriefing her father she is noticeably trying to hold herself together because the more Ra’s talks, the more sense Malcolm’s previous statements make. In fact Ra’s even goes as far to point out upon learning of Sara’s death that she wasn’t really one of them anyways.

The episode had a few periodic flash backs from Oliver’s mission in Hong Kong , where we learn more about the back story from when Oliver prevented Edward Fyers from shooting down the commercial flight on the island.  Onboard was a target Amanda Waller wanted dead, hinting that somehow Amanda might have been involved in making that plan happen in the first place. The target was China White and now Amanda needs to know what she is up to.

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