Epic Con Ohio 2014 Review

Sadly this is not the type of review that I was hoping to get to write after my trip to Epic Con.  I had high hopes of writing an optimistic article about an up and coming convention that would one day be a great and shining star for the Dayton area.  Sadly this was not the case.

Last weekend marked the second birthday of Epic Con, a self titled Geek fest conventions.  Knowing this going in, I had not expected it to be great in size, though, when I got there I was surprised at how small and unorganized it was. Upon buying my ticket, on the second day mind you, at the ticket booth they were still making the vendor and VIP badges and this was the first thing to concern me.  I wrote it off as it only being their second year in operation. I then asked a few questions about layout and dealers only to get blank stares in reply. It wasn’t looking good.

Once inside everything looked wonderful, just as I had been picturing this budding convention in my mind. The dealers were all so nice and other venders seemed to be full of energy! This to me shows at what great lengths dealers, vendors, and guests at conventions will go to putting on a happy face for their fans. However, I wasn’t just there as a convention attendee; no I was there as a reviewer. I talked to a few of the dealers and vendors and found that several of them were not happy with the way there were being treated.  There had been damaging rumors that hurt attendance, there was little to no direction, as well as many other issues. I took a quick note of the number of guests and realized that at least ten guest that I was under the impression from the website and flyers was going to be there in fact were not, it was only after I got home and started to do some research the next day that I realized how bad things were compared to what was stated.

It seems that there had been some false advertisement, breach of contracts, failure to communicate;  all in all it was one big disaster. In the aftermath of Epic Con some celebrities taking to social media to point out that they had never intended on going, but somehow were advertised as going.  There is talk of legal action against the organizers, and in the end a lot of reputation damage for any future conventions that wants to take place in Dayton. So it seems to me that it is very unlikely that there will be another Epic Con in the future even after the organizers issued apology on Facebook that reads more like an “It wasn’t my fault you should feel sorry for my I’m the real victim here” statement.

In closing I would like to point out that from what I gathered both in research and being there in person everything that went wrong, went wrong above the vendors and dealers at the organizational level. The failure was in no way on their parts; in fact I will say that I still spent quite a bit of money at the convention on wonderful pieces of art and fandom, ate delicious treats, and networked with wonderful people who do great would for our communities. It is a shame that some of those people’s reputations will suffer from being connected to such a scandal.

You can check out Epic Con’s Facebook here for more details as well as comments from guests, dealers, vendors, and celebrities.

Ticket Price:  ★★☆☆☆

Parking: ★★☆☆☆

Space: ★★☆☆☆




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