Gotham: Spirit of the Goat Review

  • Episode:  Spirit of the Goat (S01E06)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆

Gotham has been prowling the cityscape looking for its perfect perch and six episodes in we get a real glimpse of the shows potential. Gotham started as a light reimagining of some of Batman’s rouges gallery, moved to a deeper look into the city as a character, gave us a standard CW feeling story with a super serum (didn’t Arrow already cover this story?), and now it has hopefully landed on a ledge of exciting neo noir character driven story telling. This episode “Spirit of the Goat” is the first episode that didn’t feel like they had a story and then had to sprinkle in something for every character so that we remember that they are still there, for once every thing flowed like a well mixed drink.

The main focus is on bullock and it starts with him working a case from his recent past when he was a more driven and accomplished detective. Someone has been kidnapping the oldest daughters of rich families and offering them up as a sacrifice to the Spirit of the Goat. Bullock and his partner are on the trail of Randal Milky, the man they believe to be the serial killer. When they track him down Bullock refuses to wait for backup and rushes in. They are too late to save the most recent victim who is strung up rituallistically, already dead. Bullock’s partner is incapacitated and Bullock manages to riddle Randal with bullets closing the case.

Present day Bullock is at the scene of what he believes is a copy cat killing and as you can imagine is not very happy. With a trip to the morgue he realizes that this copy cat knows too much in fact there are details that were never released to the public, thus Bullock and Gordon come to the conclusion that it can’t be a copy cat.

Using good old fashion detective work Bullock and Gordon set their sights on Raymond Earl who has a long rap sheet and history of mental illness. Earl and Milky never met though, and this makes Bullock suspicious. Then in a flash of pure genius, Bullock deduces who the real villain is and sets off to save the day leading to a new happy ending, at least as far as the Spirit of the Goat is concerned.

Within the episode we get a little more insight into Gordon and Barbara relationship though Barbara is still a very one-dimensional character that leaves a bit to be desired. She gives Gordon a chance to run away when things with the investigation into Penguins death come to a head but as ever the boy scout we know and love, he stays and faces the music. Penguin, however, saves Gordon in an interesting turn of events.

Nigma, Selina, and Bruce also get some screen time, but mostly just in small character building scenes with little relevance to the current story, or at least for as far as we can tell for now.

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