NYCC 14: Cosplay Winners

It is hard to believe that two weeks have passed since the end of NYCC 14.  Not only that, but we still cannot believe the sheer amount of amazing cosplayers that came out to the Javitz Center to wow each and every attendee.  The amount of cosplayers required us to split each day into a Semi-Finals which ended last week with near record-breaking votes coming in.  Now the Finals have officially come to an end as well.  While we love each and every costume we saw in the convention hall, you the viewers have chosen First Appearance Comics and Games NYCC 14 Cosplay Winners!

Getting through the Semi-Finals is no easy feat, so before we move on to announce the winners of the Finals, we want to quickly recognize those that had the most votes in their respective day poll.  Raiden and Sub Zero lead the pack on Thursday with 31.25%!  Falco took the lead on Friday with 42.38%!  Jessica Rabbit and Fembot Bunny Stormtrooper on Saturday received 21.38%!  Predator destroyed Sunday with 49.67%!

Now we are proud to announce the winners in the Finals that you have all chosen!

3rd with 15.25% of the votes, Ramona Flowers!


Who would Scott Pilgrim be without Ramona Flowers?  Really, he would still just would just be a mopey bass guitar player.  Instead he found Ramona who was much more awesome than him, enough to even have seven evil exes!  Here Ramona is brought to life from the comics.  The large hammer just goes to show, Ramona doesn’t need Scott, she can take care of herself.

2nd with 16.88% of the votes, Jessica Rabbit and Fembot Bunny Stormtrooper!


Having already dominated the Saturday Semi-Finals, Jessica Rabbit and the Fembot Bunny Stormtrooper stormed into the Finals to take second place.  How many of us grew up with the films Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Star Wars.  In Jessica Rabbit’s case, we all wanted to see her come to life in the film and while that did not happen, on the floor of NYCC 14 she surely did in one of the best cosplays from the film we have ever seen!  As for the Fembot Bunny Stormstrooper, we all watched Star Wars and thought George Lucas should have crossed Stormtroopers  and bunnies.  Okay, perhaps we didn’t sit there thinking that, but after seeing this amazing cosplay, can you ever watch Star Wars again and not think that? 

1st with 25.95% of the votes, Predator!


We originally spotted the Predator stalking the show floor on Sunday, in which he eventually destroyed the poll in our Semi-Finals.  Going into the Finals, he took a quick lead and never let go.  We have seen a few Predators looking for a good hunt at conventions during our travels, but this easily is one of the best looking we have ever had the joy to witness.  The costume is absolutely perfect and we’re just glad we never saw a xenomorph on the floor;  it would have never survived a faceoff with this amazing Predator!

Congratulations to the winners of our NYCC 14:  Battle of the Cosplayers Finals!  

New York Comic Con 14 ended up being the greatest convention we were able to attend this year.  This is due to a large part in the fantastic cosplayers that came out to the Javitz Center.  We would like to thank each and every cosplayer that attended this year, whether we had a chance to capture their picture or not, either way they brought an incredible amount of joy to the show.  We know we cannot wait to attend once more next year while hopefully seeing the same great cosplayers along with some new fans who decide to give cosplay a try!

If you enjoyed checking out our Cosplay coverage, remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  Our next Battle of the Cosplayers Poll will take place next weekend as we cover Wizard World Ohio Comic Con.  While that looks to be the last of our convention coverage for the year, we also for the first time want to tease a future Battle of the Cosplayers poll coming in December to decide who is the First Appearance Comics and Games Cosplayer of the Year!  So make sure to stick around for much more!


Sunday Semi-Finals

Saturday Semi-Finals

Friday Semi-Finals

Thursday Semi-Finals

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  1. Amazing contest! I think everyone did a great job!! I was glad to represent Predator this year and am honored to have been voted for first place. Got huge plans for NYCC next year. Going to fuse Predator and Iron Man together. See you all hopefully at NYCC 2015!

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