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Top 5 Costumes:  Green Lantern

Green Lantern has been on our radar for quite some time in regards to featuring the hero in our Comic Closet.  He is of course one of the greatest heroes in the DC universe, protecting the entire world from cosmic threats and being an integral part of the Justice League.  The biggest question we always had to decide on was how to properly do it.  Would we stick with one character specifically, or would we consider the entire Green Lantern Corps.  In the end, we decided to take the five most associated Earth based characters as being the Green Lantern, and pit them against each other.  We also tried to stick with their most recognizable costumes for each character.  Now, going into the closet of five separate heroes at once was a tough job.  You wouldn’t believe the disturbing things we found in Hal Jordan’s closet.  Beware my power, Green Lantern’s light indeed.  We’re still shivering.  Remember, this is not a rank of which character was our favorite character, simply which costumes we prefered best.  As always let us know your thoughts for the Green Lantern’s top five costumes in the comments below!


5.  Guy Gardner:  Our pick for our fifth spot to start of the list goes to one of the most hotheaded members of the Green Lantern Corps, Guy Gardner.  Guy is most recognizable for his extremely unique attire, looking like a cross between a biker and a cosmic guardian.  It is a little outrageous, but on a character such as Gardner, the collared vest actually works.  The same goes with his chain edged belt, it just wouldn’t work with any other character, well l unless Lobo joined the Corps.  The turtleneck is a little much, but in the end we feel The Lonely Island would approve of this costumes whole heartedly.


4.  Kyle Ratner:  Kyle’s classic costume looks more like a space police officer really than any of the other characters.  We like the body armor look, but we would have prefered if it was actually green instead of white, the solid white of his chest just throws the costume off sightly.  We are big fans of his mask though, as it has much more detail and depth than just a typical domino mask.


3.  Alan Scott:  We do love an original.  Allen Scott, the first man to go by the Green Lantern name has the most unique of all costumes.  Of course this is because technically he was not a member of the corps.  His costume is completely old school, but we love it for that;  it’s simple, but can inspire everyone that they can be more.  The cape paired with the long collar brings us back to a time when heroes were pure and there wasn’t as much darkness in comics.  Golden Age indeed.


2.  Hal Jordan:  Easily the most recognizable characters to be the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan’s costume is more traditional to the Corps then the characters we just covered.  It is a simple design, a mix of black, white, and of course, green.  The Green Lantern crest right in the middle of his chest fits right in with his other Justice League friends.  The only thing we don’t like about the costume is the white gloves.  Some of the costumes he has worn over the years have kept his hands green or black, but his traditional one has them white, and we feel it’s slightly distracting from the rest of the uniform.


1.  John Stewart:  Our top choice in the end goes to John Stewart.  His costume closely sticks with the Corps standard costume, as well as Hal Jordan’s, but it has just a couple of differences that really put it on top for us.  The costume loses a bit of green, but by doing that, it looks more like the green is focusing in on the Corps. chest symbol, making it pop out a bit more.  One of our favorite additions, or omissions really, is that he loses the gloves.  It keeps the pure white gloves from distracting from the rest of the costume, but also shows John is a Green Lantern who is willing to get his hands dirty when necessary, something that speaks volumes for the characters history.

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