NYCC 14: Top Ten Comic Con Survival Guide

If you are a loyal FA Comics reader, then you know our fantastic Cosplay winners have been announced and we’re ready to get back to normal, meaning bringing our NYCC 14 coverage to an end. This week’s Top Ten list is your Survival Guide to NYCC or simply a better way to enjoy it.  So where to begin?  Assume that time and money is a simple necessity to attend and then continue on down

10. The New York Comic Con App

Get the free app on your smart phone or tablet. It’ll help you schedule your most wanted desires at the convention. You can decide which panel must be seen or which artist your want to gush over in person. To survive you must be organized, otherwise you’re just a trout frantically swimming up-stream.  Don’t be that trout!  (Fish references are not a necessity.)

9. The Staff

The NYCC staff have one of the hardest gigs ever. They are in charge of keeping 151,000 super fans in line. It was a big line too!  No matter which line you were in, it was big!  They did a great job so this year, but remember to make their job easier by listening and being polite.  A big thank you to the wonderful staff this year!

Andrew Lincoln
Kevin Smith

8. The Panels

Plan your panels well, there is no way to see them all. Attending a panel can be one of the single coolest things at NYCC and give you that moment you will remember forever. We were able to get into Disney’s Panel for Big Hero 6 and Tomorrowland. Big Hero 6 is going to be huge. It’s a Marvel and Disney flick all wrapped into one. The extra glimpses we got to see of the movie made the two hour wait worth it. The Tomorrowland trailer, while not what we went in for originally, it was tons of fun. We got to see Director Brad Bird, Hugh Laurie, and George Clooney even showed up. George showed up to push his scene and it was actually his first comic con. He actually apologized for the Batnipples in Batman and Robin. I swear it happened. It was on the internet. We also caught the panel for AMC’s Comic Book Men on Friday morning. Kevin Smith must be one of the funniest men on the planet. I also learned a valuable lesson from him. He said be yourself and you can make all the Walrus movies you want. Which means do what makes you happy. Thanks Kevin. To get in, your patience will be tested. The main stage panels require a wristband and you should show up at least an hour and half early to get inside, depending on which panel it is. The payoff is usually worth it, kinda like waiting years for the next Star Wars movie.


7. Cosplayers

The cosplayers of NYCC are like herds of walkers in Walking Dead. They are non-stop and proud. I asked the gentlemen above why they went to the trouble of dressing up in such an extreme fashion. He told me that it was the one time of the year they could go out and be themselves and have a good time. I appreciate the time they took to express themselves. It took me three days to get their pic. I also want to thank all the cosplayers that let me take their pic and do our Battle of the Cosplayers poll. Cosplay is always one of the best parts of a convention, so make sure to take time to enjoy your fellow fans showing off our passions.


6. Special Events-The Adult Swim Cruise

Outside of the convention center there are always many separate, but related events occurring you should take advantage of. Kevin Smith hosted a Fatman on Manhattan show with Jason Mewes. William Shatner hosted the cast Star Trek The Next Generation. We were lucky to attend The Adult Swim Cruise of the Hudson River. It also had a surprise musical guest. Yet again we had to arrive two hours early to catch the party. The musical guest was a rap duo called Run the Jewels who had the boat pumping. During their set the guys stopped to talk to the crowd. They said work hard and be yourself and it’ll all be worth it. So I needed a break and I realized the ship was heading south down the Hudson. As I was trying to get a good look at Lady Liberty, I heard three men talking. I looked really hard and figured out it was Spawn himself, Michael Jai White. I fought the urge to be a fanboy our since the entire front of the ship was gazing at the majesty of the Statue of Liberty. It was nice to be proud with everyone on the ship. The survival lesson here is to go outside the box and do things like a really cool cruise or other amazing event taking place alongside the convention. You never know who you’ll see.

5. The Showroom Floor

There is no surviving the showroom floor. Exhibitors, publishers cosplayers, and everything comic you could possibly image is there. The sales floor was dominated by Marvel Comics. They were proudly celebrating their 75th birthday. They had tons of promotions to take part in, such as a cast signing for Netflix’s upcoming Daredevil. You have to camp out to just catch everything they dished out. DC had their own display on the south end of the convention center. They needed the space to celebrate Batman’s 75th year. IDW  and Dark Horse Comic’s both had huge displays to push their wears. Now the only way to truly survive the showroom floor is to have tons and tons of cash. I saw Daredevil #1 on sale for $17,500. I also caught a glimpse of the original artwork for Giant Sized X-Men #1. What I mean is that I saw the original paper that Dave Cockrum created the original iconic cover from the 70’s. I bet it sold for a nice pile of greenbacks.



4. Variant Comics and Swag

You cannot go to NYCC without picking up some sweet variants. They are one of a kind printings that were created just for the event. These awesome collectibles can be nice keep sakes or that little gem that lights up your e-bay account with some nice digits, even though we don’t suggest trying to grab anything for that reason. The best part of the show is all the really cool swag you can pick up. I got most of my mini posters at the various panels. The survival lesson here is to keep your eyes open for the cool jems.

Peter David
Mark Texieria
Erik Larsen
Ed Mcguinness

3. Artist Alley

Take it from me, this is where all the magic really happens. The comics we read and love would not happen if not for the hard work of all these fine craftsman. I had the pleasure of meeting some of my favorites artists and writers of my lifetime. Peter David and Rick Leonardi signed my copy of Spider-Man 2099. I’ve been wanting to meet Peter for years and for the life of me I couldn’t think of what to ask him. He also signed my copy of the novel Incredible Hulk: What Savage Beast. It’s great read by the way. I met several other artists including Mark Texeria, Erik Larsen, Ed McGuinness, Geoff Darrow, Tim Virgil, Walt and Louise Simonson, and Bob Mcleod. To truly survive Artist Alley spend a whole day talking to all the artists. There were more than 100 guests there this year. Thanks for taking the time to sketch and sign all our great toys. If you want autographs though, plan accordingly, a stack of 10-15 comics can weigh you down fast.


2. New York City

It’s not the Hobokin Comic Con. It’s The New York Comic Con. The city is huge and overwhelming if you’ve never been there before. As you can see from the shot of the Javits Center, it’s freaking huge and a lot to take in. New York is simple to survive. Appreciate everything it has to offer and be polite to everyone that inhabits the island. They live and breathe the noise, the hustle and bustle, the crowds and how awesome it all truly all is. A simple planning will allow you to see the city and get some amazing food for a good price.

This Dan and my ComicCon Survival partner

1. Coming Home

You know you’ve survived Comic Con when you’ve come home to the wife that let you leave her home with four crazy kids or that significant other that resents that you dressed up without them or the simply the couch that needs your love of  catching up of all the shows you missed during the trip. I enjoy hanging with all the fellow fans, but I enjoy coming home to my family tons more. The survival here? Enjoy the convention while it lasts, but remember it always comes to an end, until next year that is.

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