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Top 5 Costumes:  Wolverine

One character we have been waiting to feature in our costume closet for some time has been Wolverine.  He is a character held near and dear in the hearts of many fans around the world, including us.  We wanted to wait for the right time to come along and this week feels right as we honor his death in the comics this week.  Plus, Wolverine is very scary and him being dead makes it much easier to go through his closet without the snkit snkit.  To soon for jokes?  Don’t worry he’ll be back in a few months anyways.  Over his illustrious, deadly career, Logan has worn numerous costumes.  A majority of them have actually been really good, making this a very tough decision nearing it down to only 5 costumes.  In the end we narrowed it down to simply his best.  As for his dishonorable mention, we knew from the beginning what that would be, it was a no brainer.  Let us know if you agree with our picks in the comments below!


5.  X-Force:  Wolverine is the best at what he does and this costume fits that motto to a tee.  Sure, he can leap into a room and clear it while alerting the world he is there, but for stealth this was easily his best costume.  It really takes the basic design of his previous costumes and adds a color pallet swap, but there is no denying Wolverine looks pretty bad in black.


4.  Age of Apocalypse:  We always have had a fondness for Age of Apocalypse, but regardless of that even, we really like his Weapon X design in this universe.  It gives him a bit of dark, stealth edge here as well, almost ninja like.  Red is not a color typically used in any of costumes, but it actually looks really good one him.  With that all said though, it’s that fantastic stump that does it for us in the end.  In the original mini-series, it was already shocking seeing Wolverine missing a hand (blown off by Cyclops no less), but watching him pop his claws through the metal covering towards the end was a haunting moment we will never forget.


3.  Brown:  If you are a fan of Wolverine, you cannot dismiss his Brown costume that he wore for several years.  It minimized the designs from his original yellow costume and went for a more simplified presentation.  The dark brown connecting together is a nice touch, only broken out by the belt.  The belt is a little something to be desired itself, but it is only a small complaint for what is otherwise a great costume.


2.  Classic Yellow:  The final two costumes is where things became the most difficult in deciding rank.  We absolutely love his classic yellow costume (not to be confused with his whiskered original which did not make the list.)  Yellow and fairly bright blue are not stealth colors, but lets face it, Wolverine was meant to be seen.  Most villains in the Marvel universe probably crap themselves when they see those claws pop.  Yellow is just a color he was meant to wear.  The added stripes fit to his feral nature quite well.  The boots are just a bit excessive for our taste, but still give the costume that last extra bit of pop.


1.  Astonishing:  The Astonishing X-Men took us from the fairly terrible leather costumes from Morrison’s otherwise fantastic run and gave us bright-colored super hero costumes once more.  This tops our list because it takes our otherwise favorite costume, his yellow, and improves it by making it much sleeker than ever before.  His mask it more subdued here, flattening out a bit against his head.  We love the big original points of it too, but it just design wise makes more sense like this.  It still gives him a stripe on the shoulders, just swapping the yellow for blue.  It looks like a super hero costume, but at the same time it is a more realistic take on it.  If the movie franchise finally gives him something a bit more super hero looking to wear, this is absolutely perfect for it.

Dishonorable Mention


Patch:  Granted we all have a soft spot for Wolverine’s “Patch” costume, but in reality we only do because of how absolutely horrible it is.  We know Wolverine is known for is feral nature, but does he really not have more intelligence than to think no one will recognize because he has an eye patch?  “Oh, that can’t be Wolverine, he has a healing factor so he couldn’t possibly be missing an eye.”  When he told his teammates his awesome costume idea, do you think they died a little bit inside?  At the same time who is going to question him on it, it is Wolverine after all.  They have to give him a thumbs up and run to the other room to laugh.  Since he is good and dead (for the moment) we took the occasion to burn the eye patch.  Turns out our first attempt was one of Wolverine’s thongs which scarred us for life, but on the second attempt we burned the right one and all was right with the world.  Except for him being dead still.

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