NYCC 14 Swag Bag Giveaway!

NYCC 14 was a magical place this year, made from the same thing dreams are made of.  If you were not lucky enough to attend the event, hopefully our coverage during the weekend helped you feel as though you were just a little bit more apart of it.  If that wasn’t enough how about the chance to win free stuff from New York?!?

While we ran from panel to panel, we had just a tad bit of free time to snag some free promotional items that various booths were giving away.  Sure, we could be greedy and keep it all for ourselves.  Our precious!  But no!  We’ve compiled a box of various promotional items that we were able to get our hands on so we can bring a little NYCC 14 home to you.

So what is inside this Swag Bag?  Ground up unicorn horns that will make you fly to the second star on the right! Wait no, that wasn’t it.  Well we will keep it a mystery for the 1 lucky winner that receives it!  Suffice to say we possibly grabbed some posters, promotional books, and more!

When and how can you win this mystery bag of excitement?  Starting now and through several ways!  First:  Twitter!  Follow us and Retweet “I want to win a #NYCC swag bag via! #Comics #Giveaway”  We will post this daily starting now and every day you retweet, you gain one entry.  Second:  Facebook!  Like us on Facebook; we will post the same thing as we do on Twitter, “I want to win a #NYCC swag bag via! #Comics #Giveaway”.  Comment on that post that you want to win and every day you comment you get one entry.  Third:  Our Community Forum!  Under the Convention Board and General Convention Discussion, we have posted a thread “NYCC Swag Bag Giveaway!”  Each day you comment under this thread that you want to win, you get one entry.

The chance to win begins today and will go through next Thursday night, October 23rd 11:59 P.M. Est.  So enter once, enter numerous times, the choice is yours! Unfortunately, due to shipping costs on the actual package, this giveaway is limited to those in the USA only.  We apologize to our international viewers.  Otherwise everyone else, start entering now!

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