NYCC 14: Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Hands-On


While we attended NYCC this last weekend, we had a chance to meet up with a representative from TT Games to go hands on with their latest upcoming game, Lego Batman 3:  Beyond Gotham.  We have been huge fans of the Lego games since the beginning, so to say we went in with a lot of expectations was an understatement.  After playing through, I can say this is looking to be one of the best Lego games ever for comic fans.

Starting off, the cut scenes are done in narrated art panels that are in a style that matches the Batman era you’re in.  The game begins with a level featuring the Adam West Batman from the television show, and yes, narrated by Adam West.  You get a chance to run around the 1960’s Bat-cave as Batman and Robin as you search for three sets of pieces for the Batmobile.  Along the way you’ll smash your way through just about anything you can see as always (such as even the iconic red phone down there), but also use some of the classic gadgets the 60’s Batman would use to solve mini puzzles to unlock the next piece such as a magnifying glass that helps you search for clues and see through certain panels.  To unlock other pieces, one of the possibly funniest additions comes in form of a bomb you can pull out any time and run around with to destroy the shiny silver pieces, a nice throw back to the gag from the show.

Once you’re in the Batmobile, it is time put it to use as you chase the Joker through a long stretch of highway with Batgirl aiding you in the Batcopter.  As Joker throws barrels and wrenches at you from his car, you must destroy them or dodge them until you can get close enough to attack the golden Lego piece on his car.  After you finally stop the Joker’s car, everything crashes off the, revealing that you’re on a Hollywood sound stage, a fact that had us laughing quite a bit.

The final part of the stage brought us into a night club where you have the Joker’s henchmen attacking you while you do a little more puzzle solving.  Catwoman makes an appearance, jumping from the chandeliers above, causing them to crash down at you.  The Penguin stops in, forcing you to fight him.  Then finally once you work you’re way through everything else, it is time to face the Joker as he runs around with his classic attacks, such as utilizing his electric joy buzzer.  Just like the original series, once you finish the level, it is time for Batman and friends to unwind with a little go-go dancing, a fantastically humorous addition.

That was were our time on the game came to an end, but it is not a stretch to say we felt as though we could have been content to sit there and play the game all day.  As usual with the Lego games, Lego Batman 3 was a complete blast.  They usually try to pack as many little details into the games as possible for fans, but the amount of fan service this time blew us away.  There were even small little things included such as the hint of a mustache on the 60’s Joker.  With more characters than any other Lego game and tons of DLC coming to keep you playing well after launch, Lego Batman 3:  Beyond Gotham is looking to be a must have this holiday for all comic fans.

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