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Top 5 Costumes:  Catwoman

Beyond Batman and Superman, no other DC character has popped up in media quite like Catwoman has.  She’s been featured on TV, films, games, and of course a whole slew of comic books.  Being such an old, legendary character, her wardrobe has grown considerably since the 60’s when she first entered our lives.  Some have been great costumes, some should have stayed on the drawing board for a little longer.  Don’t worry, Halle Berry’s terrible costume did not make the top of our list; we’re not that crazy, just crazy enough to tease it as our main image though.  Since her presence has been so great outside of comics, we have scoured every form of media to find our favorites, and have them below for your viewing pleasure.


5.  Animated Series:  It doesn’t hurt that this was costume was used in one of the greatest animated superhero TV series ever.  The mixture of grey and black was a good color choice for a cat burglar.  Her gold belt is subtle, but nice additional touch for contrast.  She is very sleek her, but in the end it is rather plain which lands it in number 5.


4.  Original:  Purple is a good look for Selina.  Jim Balent’s version added in her original color of choice, but it was done best at the start.  It has a cape too, everyone should have one. If everyone in the world put down their guns and weapons and threw on a cape, the world would be a happier place.  Only, I don’t want to say complaint, but something that must be annoying for her is that very long slit going up her skirt.  If a Marilyn Monroe gust of wind shoots up, or she falls back, Batman is going to get a pretty good view of her, ahem, everything.


3.  Batman Returns:  Selina literally begin stitching this together in front of our eyes which gives it an authentic look from this unbalanced version of the character.  The vinyl black and white stitching just pop together for one super sexy look.  It doesn’t leave her much room to add in of her theft gear, but Selina was a little more hell-bent on revenge then stealing.  A zipper would have been useful as well considering they had to sew her into this thing.


2.  Injustice:  The game’s art designers did a fantastic job here.  First off, they could have gone for the cheesecake factor like in Batman: Arkham City or how most New 52 artists draw her.  I’m all for some cheesecake pics here and there, but sometime it gets a little overdone for Selina.  The suit looks much more tactical than any other costume she’s had.  Those claws look pretty sick too if she gets into a fight, which obviously she does a lot in Injustice.  The complaint for this is that they went a little too overboard with details.  They have a little too much going on with things that just aren’t needed.


1.  90’s/Current:  Selina has been wearing this one for a while for a reason.  The goggles were a nice touch that works much better than a cowl for her.  The costume is pretty simple, but in the end, that should be the point for her.  Selina is a cat burglar, she wants to be as stealthy as possible which the all black gives her.  This is a costume that different artists modify to their preferences, but it has remained largely the same.  As we already complained about earlier, just make sure the zipper stays all the way up, it doesn’t help her sneaking around when she’s popping out of her costume.

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