Lexington Comic and Toy Convention 14: Battle of the Cosplayers Poll

Update:  We have officially announced the winners for Lexington Comic and Toy Convention 2014!  Click here to see!

Our trip to Lexington brings us the next round in Cosplay Alley’s Best of Show Cosplay Poll!  Regretfully certain circumstances did not allow us to capture all of the great cosplayers that attended the con, those circumstances including our camera crashing on us.  We were still able to get some great pictures of fantastic costumes, but we wanted to say excellent work to everyone who dressed up for the convention.  Next up will bring us down to C2E2 so if nothing else, this will remind us to have a better backup plan for their.  But now it is time for Lexington Comic and Toy Conventions cosplayers!

You the readers get to choose who had the best costume of the show.  It goes by picture, some are solo, some are a team.  If you see your self, vote for yourself, that’s not cheating; really its fine.  If you want your friends to throw a vote your way, they can too so tell them to vote!  Spamming the vote box with multiple votes for yourself is a no-no, though; death lasers will engage.

The top three winners will get featured on our homepage and be used as our feature image when we announce the winners, forever immortalizing them on our site.  Comments are welcome at the bottom of the post, just be nice and fair to everyone.  So get ready, prepare to be cosplay amazed, and vote in the poll at the bottom after the pretty pics!

The voting period is two weeks from today, so the poll closes March 29th!

Vilessence Vile image

Kiss Me DeadpoolIMG_1542

Pink and Yellow RangerIMG_1540

Team Batman-lessIMG_1539

Elektra and ColumbiaIMG_1538

The King and Samurai KFCIMG_1537


Death #2IMG_1535

The LawIMG_1532

Cloud StrifeIMG_1531


Black WidowIMG_1529

Spidey ShowdownIMG_1528


Iron ManIMG_1526

Poison IvyIMG_1522

Michonne and her petsIMG_1521

Scarlet SpiderIMG_1520

Shaun of the DeadIMG_1519

Ms. Marvel

Cap and Thor AssembleIMG_1517

Carnage and Batman IMG_1515

Harley QuinnIMG_1514


Dr. FateIMG_1512


28 Comments on Lexington Comic and Toy Convention 14: Battle of the Cosplayers Poll

      • Thanks! 🙂 I didn’t think there’d be many Scarlet Spiders out there. He’s my favorite thing to come out of the Clone Saga. I heard a few people call me Deadpool, and a bunch of people call me Spider-Man, but I was pleasantly surprised that the vast majority knew who I was. I lost count of how many people asked for my picture on the con floor, it was so cool! I was Gambit last year and only got 2 photo requests, but that was my first con, and even those 2 were amazing to me then, so this year blew me away. 🙂

  1. I’d also like to give a shout out to that Poison Ivy cosplayer, that was the best, most detailed and intricate Poison Ivy I’ve ever seen! She seriously deserves some votes!

      • Haha thank you for the assistant bit. The Lexington shadowcast thinks Columbia should now forever be known as Elektra’s Assistant! Love it! 😀

    • Gefeliciteerd met de leuke give-away die je gewonnen hebt! Maar jij hebt er weer veel leuks bij zie ik, haha, jij bent ook helemaal gevallen voor de corset-tutorial zie ik, ik ook hoor, direkt begonnen :)))))))De jouwe is mooi gelukt, mooi stofje ook!Geniet van je vrije dagen, je vriendin zal blij zijn met de prachtige kaSl,ensriefs,aonja

    • Hi Genny!I have been thinking about this for the past few weeks. I will have a post up on Monday 10-13-08 about my one month. This has been an eye opener for me. Things I would normally rush through I now pause and think would I let this moment pass by.

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