NYCC 14: Final Fantasy Type-0 Hands-On


At Square Enix’s off site press event on Thursday before NYCC officially opened, we had the opportunity to go hands on with a title we’ve been drooling over for a couple of years now, Final Fantasy Type-0.  Honestly with as long ago as it was released in Japan, we had completely forgotten that this was originally a PSP game and not released on the Playstation Vita.  We should be forgiven though, because when you see this game in action, it looks absolutely nothing like a PSP game and literally had our jaws dropping.

Let’s preface this by saying the game is beautiful.  The opening cinematic a are redone in crisp HD and look gorgeous.  When you actually jump into the game, the game looks like it was meant for the PS4.  The backgrounds are a little less detailed than a standard PS4 title, but still look great.  The character and enemy models look fantastic though, and our the highlight.  The action of the game is very fast pace and the characters stay fluid and lifelike.

We were fortunate enough to play a new translated build of the game which featured the English voice actors, each distinctively bringing their character to life.  The music has received stereo upgrade which sounded wonderful through our headset.

The demo we played was a mission from later in the game where it let us select from three of the playable characters;  Ace who uses magic cards as his primary attack, Seven who sports a whip you can use with combos, and Rem who uses a mix of her blades and magic.  All three had their different uses depending on which enemy you were facing and can be swapped on the fly.  I must admit, I had the most fun with Seven who has some interesting attacks with her whip, such as a grapple to pull enemies towards you.

As we progressed, we unlocked the ability to call our first and only summon of the demo, Ifrit.  Using a summon must be used tactfully, as to use them you have to sacrifice the life of one of your characters.  Lucky for us, the demo had rerise automatically set so we were able to call Ifrit several times.  He differs from the normal characters as your sacrifice almost all of your speed for a giant upgrade in power.

Fighting the final boss in the level proved fairly challenging, as our unlimited rerise was put to good use.  As you would expect from Final Fantasy, it was a giant, beautiful enemy that put your tactics to the test

The only complaint I had was with the targeting system.  The enemies are fast and I found that if they dashed behind you, it could be difficult to lock on to the proper target.  It was not a problem I encountered often, but it was still there at times.

After spending thirty minutes on the title, there was no doubt that it was not enough time to play.  The game is beautiful and plays much better than I was expecting.  Get ready to sacrifice a large chunk of your life when this drops in March; we know we will.


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