NYCC 14: Valiant Entertainments: The Valiant, Rai, X-O Manowar and Beyond Panel

At Valiant Entertainments: The Vsliant, Rai, X-O Manowar and Beyond panel at NYC

The Valiant was the first series covered at the panel. Coming from Jeff Lemirw, Matt Kindt, and Paolo Rivera, the story finds the Eternal Warrior battling a returned geomancer who he has failed to kill three times before. Now he is recruiting help to take down this dark force once and for all. The series will see almost every big name character from the Valiant Universe will make an appearance.

Ivar, Timewalker is the second title coming out of Valiant Next. The story will find Ivar, the oldest of the three original warriors. Ivar was described as a mix of Reed Richards and John Constantine. Ivar will rescue a scientist who is about to be killed since she is on the verge of creating time travel. The series will find the two on adventures through the ages.

Divinity was next coming, a new series coming from Matt Kindt. He said during the panel he wanted to create a story featuring the most powerful character in the Valiant universe while also being able to tell a large cosmic series.

Imperium is coming from Jushua Dysart and will feature Hsrbinger’s Toyo Harada and his new position against the rest of the world.

Ninjak was next up, a new solo series coming from Matt Kindt.  The series will show three time periods for Ninjak, his teenage years, his twenties as he learned his spy skill set, and during present day.

Bloodshot Reborn was the last of the Valiant Next titles covered.  They could not reveal much  about the series since much of it will tie in with The Valiant.  They did say to expect to see a different side to the character in the series.

X-O Manowar was briefly covered, in talking of bringing back the Armorines.  They will be brought on by a corporation who want to take Aric down.  They said to expect a new interesting take on the characters.

To complete the panel, they announced s brand new Quantum and Woody Must Die. It is a four issue mini series coming from James Asmus and Steve Lieberman. The series will find life good for the duo, but they begin to notice everything at not be quite what it seems. It will feature some new supporting characters. Expect it to hit stands this January.

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