NYCC 14: IDW & Hasbro: Transformers, Ponies & More Panel

We had a chance to attend the IDW & Hasbro:  Transformers, Ponies & More panel featuring talent such as Sarah Stone and Jim Zub.

IDW started off with a bang and discussed their upcoming Transformers comics. Megatron is getting the back story from when he was a lowly Decepticon  and not, well, MEGAtron. This all leads up to the early stories of the Cybertronian War. Transformers Drift and Transformers WindShear were two other projects they brought up during the panel.

From there, Angry Birds Transformers was unveiled to the crowd. It’s the Autobirds vs the DecepiHogs. The joke is not lost on us and the concept seems fun.

Lastly, they announced Optimus Prime would be making re-appearance very soon.

The Transformers would make another appearance in the form of invasion. The twist here is that the Transformers are being invaded by the GI Joes. It looked fun with the art from the 80’s.

From there they went right into the GI Joes.  Larry Hama is still writing GI Joe:  Great American Hero after all these years of course. It’s a sold title that keeps the fans going. The other title is Karen Travis’s GI Joe.  The premise behind this title is that COBRA is now the peace keeping force on the planet.

The big reveal for GI Joe was that Snake Eyes will become an Agent of  Cobra. The writer of this storyline had been writing the Cobra book. The sales were not what they wanted them to be so it is time to bring back Snake Eyes with a twists.

Next was Jim Zub with Dungeons and Dragons Baldur’s Gate. He told us that he’s doing a sword and sorcery thing with a much lighter tone. Example, the main character has a hamster for a guide. The hamster isn’t a very good guide though. Hence the comic relief.

Lastly My Little Ponies was up.  More people cheered for this thing then for anything else.  Applejack is getting a headline story that’s s a western.



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