NYCC 14: New Big Hero 6 Clip Shows Character Changes

Today at Disney’s Big Hero 6 and Tomorrowland panel at NYCC, a brand new clip from Big Hero 6 was shown.

The clip featured Hiro’s brother introducing him to the members of the Big Hero 6 Academy where he wants Hiro to attend. Girl is a brilliant young man, but spends his time on back alley robot battles. In the clip we meet the entire team, which showed a sharp the contrast compared to the original source material. The entire team are now student scientists. GoGo seems mostly the same character, sans apparently her criminal past. Honey Lemon has had her personality altered, bring a much more studious scientist then he was in the series. Wasabi as well has been changed , swapping being a chef to being a scientist (it is mentioned he received his name from having wasabi on his shirt during lunch one day.) Fred is actually not a scientist, but is the school mascot (who wears a dragon costume.)

The most striking change from the comic is that Hiro’s brother takes him into his lab to show him Baymax, his own invention. That’s right, Hiro does not create Baymax in the film, but repurposes him from his older brother.

Stay tuned in case any other information comes out about Big Hero 6 during NYCC.

Big Hero 6 drops in theaters November 7th.

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