Cincinnati Comic Expo 2014: Cosplay Winners

The Cincinnati Comic Expo Battle of the Cosplayers poll has come to an end.  Cincinnati saw two wonderful comic conventions within two weeks of each other.  While Cincy Comicon was a fantastic convention in its own right, the Expo brought out the cosplayers in droves.  With so many amazing costumes to choose from, it made for a tough decision in voting.  In the end though there was no doubt about the top three winners for 2014.  Based on you, the viewers votes, check out below our winners from Cincinnati Comic Expo 2014 Battle of the Cosplayers Poll!

3rd with 13.87% of the votes, Bane!


Bane crushed Batman’s back and crushed the rankings in this poll.  Sporting Tom Hardy’s Bane outfit from The Dark Knight Rises, this was a perfect replication from the movie.  It actually was improved astronomically in a key areas as well;  it didn’t have Hardy’s garbled voice!  Now we better move on before Tom Hardy comes and breaks us for that crack.

2nd with 20% of the votes, Deadpool!


You see a lot of bizzare Deadpool mix-match cosplay, but this suit goes for the original, bad-ass merc with a mouth like no other.  It looks as though he is pulled straight out of the comics and is packing his arsenal to prove it.  It’s times like there we which we had a live awards show;  how would Deadpool accept an award?  Would he thank Bea Arthur?  Would he stab the presenters with the award?  On second thought its probably better we don’t have a live awards show.

1st with 36.13% of the votes, The Tick and Arthur!


Spooooon!  The Tick and Arthur took the lead early on and never looked back!  The two defenders of justice looked fantastic and have inspired us to rewatch all of our favorite Tick moments.  The two defenders of justice are riding a high point right now, first place in the Battle of the Cosplayers Poll and rumblings of the live action Tick show coming back after all these years.  Evil-doers beware!

Cincinnati Comic Expo has become the premier spot for cosplayers in the city, and from the three costumes above, you can see why!  Congratulations to the three winners of our cosplay poll!  Of course, a big thank you as well to everyone who stopped by to vote for all of the fantastic costumes we saw.  Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @1stappcomics to keep up with our convention coverage as we strive to uncover all the fantastic cosplay we can from around the map!  Thank you Cincinnati for being such a wonderful place to be a fan.  We will return for more fantastic cosplay in Cincinnati next year, but until then make sure you do no miss our next look at cosplay at New York Comic Con this coming weekend!

Cincinnati Comic Expo 2014 Battle of the Cosplayers Poll Final

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