What You Missed In The News Today 03/14/14

What You Missed In The News Today


1.  With the imminent release of Captain America:  The Winter Soldier, Marvel is releasing video after video for us to salivate over.  Now they have released a brief featurette showing off Sam Wilson, the Falcon.

2.  Every super hero team needs a place to lay back and relax once and awhile and The Avengers are no different.  Avengers Tower, hinted at in the first Avengers film will be shown off in Captain America:  The Winter Soldier and then more prominently featured in the Avengers:  Age of Ultron.  I wonder if Jarvis will pull double duty, serving as the automated butler and Vision; no rest for him.



1.  Infinite Crisis is coming soon to a computer to you and it sure looks pretty!  Check it out below in it’s official trailer below.  Don’t forget either, the open beta is currently in progress!

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