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Top 5 Costumes:  Chamber

It’s no secret, Chamber is one of our all time favorite X-Men.  Typically he is wearing something that makes him look completely bad-ass.  Even without a costume, he has a psionic furnace coming out of his face;  how awesome is that!  Sure, he cannot get very far with the ladies as a kiss would melt her face off, but trade offs must be made for looking this good.  Typically his powers are bursting a forth in a way that complements the costume to make him look that much more dapper.  He has had quite a few costumes over the years, some worked while some he burst through with his powers and tossed fairly quickly.  We listened to Disintegration with him and while he was in the zone, we ran over and had a peek in his closet.  He has had some bad choices and some good choices.  As always we picked through them and have for you Chamber’s top five costumes.  Check them out below and let us know what you think in the comments below!


5.  Decibel:  Let us start off by saying there is not much of anything we like about this costume.  It just narrowly missed being this week’s dishonorable mention if not for the photo’s we found of what he looked like right before this.  First let’s go skin deep.  Chamber was rejuvenated in Excalibur, leading his heritage to Apocalypse to show outward.  It was a big mistake.  Apocalypse looks good looking like Apocalypse, Jono does not.  Then we go to his kilt and skirt.  It looks like he has both on.  Layers can work, but you do not need two skirts along with pants underneath.  We know Jono wanted to go all Braveheart here, but he apparently couldn’t quite figure it out.  On the plus side the vest does remind us of his old leather jacket and the wrap around the bottom of his face hides his stupid, ugly Apocalypse face.


4.  Generation X:  Generation X actually had a team uniform.  We didn’t really like it.  Jono apparently did not either considering he hardly ever wore it, instead opting for his normal clothe and leather jacket.  Red for a X-Men uniform just doesn’t quite work right.  While we appreciate trying something different with the students instead of the typical yellow training outfits, the yellow is constantly used for a reason.  Those giant clunky boots seem a little heavy for fighting crime in too.  Sure Monet would have no problem with them beyond the fashion outrage, but the rest of the team has to wear them too!


3.  Uncanny X-Men:  Jono’s second team uniform came when he was promoted up to the big leagues and joined the X-Men.  We are not fans of these movie inspired uniforms, so luckily he did not have to wear this very long.  Instead, he got to argue a lot with Wolverine and Angel so he could appear to have a falling out with the X-Men and infiltrate Weapon X.  His black leather jacket is a good look.  A whole costume that looks like it is made out of black leather is a fashion mistake his old teacher Emma Frost could have told him a thing or two about.


2.  Age of Apocalypse:  The Age of Apocalypse was a mixed bag for Jono.  Sure he was killed after Colossus left his students for dead, but on the plus side he had a face again.  Before his face was blown off in this universe, he was given a chest harness which directs his psionic energy through it.  Much more convenient for all involved.  He still has his leather jacket which for him is required.  The mask is a little unnecessary though;  he gains the bottom portion of his mouth but then covers up the top.  Without it, it is a solid costume.


1.  Original:  In the end, this is all Jono needs.  His leather jacket, some wraps around his body to contain his powers, and whatever pants he has lying around.  Jono is just to much of a rebel for a team uniform which is why he gives the man the finger and wears this mostly.  It is simple, but stylish, and just about anyone could pull it off.  Well, granted only if you are missing part of your face and have a psionic furnace coming out of it;  that is slightly required for the look too.

Dishonorable Mention


Decimation:  Alright, granted this might not be a costume perse, but it is pretty bad regardless.  Jono is not going to be able to do much just lying in that medical tube without his powers, bottom part of his face, or chest.  What is he going to do, ooze puss over his enemies?  Perhaps just his freaky look will be enough for them to run away in fright.  If they stay and fight though, all they have to do is pull a couple of tubes out of there and Jono’s a goner for sure.  Too, I am not a doctor, but I cannot imagine that he can even live like that.  He probably does not want to live like that, especially if he knew after getting better he would join the New Warriors and become Decibel.

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