Indie Spotlight: Eyesight

Title: Eyesight 

Publisher:  N/A

Writer:  Callum MacKenzie

Artist:  Alex Hood

Site Links: Official

Are you ready for a spine tingling read?  Something that will make you take one extra look around the room before you turn of the lights?  If s, our latest indie spotlight will be right up your alley.  Eyesight is a brand new horror/fantasy indie series from writer Callum MacKenzie and artist Alex Hood that leave you just a little shaken.

The series follows Lady Rett and her mysterious bodyguard, a man who wears a mask covering his eyes and mouth.  When Rett’s kingdom, Henry Falls, finds itself victim of a deadly, unexplained occurrence, the two must quickly leave their home and set off on an adventure that will put them in even further danger.  Be prepared for a haunting ride and some disturbing images along the way, just as we prefer it.

The characters themselves are the most intriguing part of the adventure.  Lady Rett herself is an interesting character to observe, watching her change after witnessing and surviving through a truly horrific event.  Her bodyguard is really the one to steal the show.  We know so little about him, but just enough to make him a fascinating character.  While he seems to be the hero of the story, we would not be surprised to find out otherwise.  He seems to want to protect Rett, but can you really trust a man behind a mask?  Especially one who, at least for us the reader, wears a mask bringing resemblances of Michael Myers?

MacKenzie and Hood have sensibly kept the issue black and white.  I honestly could not imagine the issue in color, and if it was it would be the weaker for it.  Hood’s art is very detailed, filled with pencil strokes.  The black and white really lets his detail come through and shine.  Not only this, but the lack of color helps work with the story to create the eerie atmosphere that sucks you in.  This also helps creates some chilling scenes that will have you looking over your shoulder as you read.

The first issue officially was released online on September 17th.  Currently MacKenzie and Hood plan on releasing a new issue every three weeks.  We have included the first three pages below for you to preview.  The best thing about Eyesight, though?  You can read the entire first issue from their website, which we have linked above!

Eyesight is a wonderful new indie series that we cannot wait to read more of.  It does get fairly graphic, which is something we absolutely love about it, but just be warned this is not for your kids.  If you like comics you have no excuse not to hit the link above and give the first issue a read.  It is free after all!  With that said, remember too after you read it, they do have a Donate link on the page so make sure you help support this fantastic new series.

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