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Top 5 Costumes:  Deadpool

If you didn’t hear yet, our favorite Merc with a Mouth is finally getting his own movie!  After being in development hell for years, Fox finally came to their senses and is bringing us what we’ve been demanding;  a Deadpool movie that allows us to completely forget and block-out whatever that thing was at the end of X-Men Origins:  Wolverine.  While you might live Deadpool for his mouth and his abundance of pointy-stabby things, you might not realize he actually has a pretty good fashion sense.  He has to so the ladies focus a little less on the mental craziness and horrible boiled skin thing.  He has gone through several different costumes over the years so we decided to investigate.  After pushing Blind Al out of the closet while avoiding the sharp pointy-stabiness all around, we found his wardrobe and pulled his best.  We even decided on his dishonorable mention, which was pulled out and given back to its proper owner instead of the usual burning.  Except she may not want to wear that ever again at this point.  Check out below for what we saw as his best and let us know your choices in the comments below!


5.  Age of Apocalypse:  Dead Man Wade is not the fun-loving Merc with a Mouth that we all know.  He is Deadpool, but a much more twisted, depressed version.  Big collars can be hit or miss, but we do like it on him here since he is sans the mask.  Regarding the lack of mask, we like that choice.  In almost every other costume he wears a mask, but here he is free to be his ugly old self.  Otherwise the costume is a little plain, but overall it comes together well.


4.  X-Men:  When Deadpool teamed-up with the X-Men, he couldn’t go running around in his regular threads.  He needed something a little just a little bit different to fit in and this was what he got.  Well, he had one more option, but we’re leaving that for the bottom.  As many of his various costumes, it is a take on his original, but slightly modified.  We like the lines of the orange threading going through the costume, we just wish it was a different color than orange.  The utility harness is a nice touch, especially with the X logo right in the middle of his chest.


3.  Weapon X:  Deadpool originally received his healing factor from Weapon X.  When he came back into the fold for a very brief period, he received this nifty little number.  It gives him a commando vibe that we really like, more of a soldier than an assassin.  He has enough pouches and holsters to arm himself to the teeth, but best of all is that belt buckle.  His face making the buckle is just so darn cute, we want one too!


2.  X-Force:  When Deadpool joined Wolverine’s merry band of dangerous X killers, he got a uniform to match the team.  We love a team with matching uniforms, with unifying colors and a couple of X logos thrown in for good measure.  The costume otherwise looks like his original costume except the red is switched out for the white.  This actually gives him a harder edge that is also very stealthy.  Nice look for a X hit-squad.


1.  Original:  There is a simple reason why no matter how many costume choices Deadpool has, he always comes back to this.  He looks badass in it!  First red is a good choice is a good choice for Deadpool.  He spills lots of blood over the course of a day and might not be able to always get to the dry cleaners right away.  The red makes it blend in well.  The pieces of black are worked in well, especially around his eyes, especially paired with white eye slits.  It gives him a very menacing look that makes you remember how dangerous he is.  Then he starts talking and you break into laughter.  Then you lose your head.

Dishonorable Mention


The Other X-Men Costume:  We’re split.  This is either Deadpool’s absolute best costume, or his absolute worst.  It depends on what way you look at it.  Deadpool does look pretty good in it.  Plus, he is giving the paparazzi an easy pass for a creepy up-skirt shot.  Yet you have the other side that gives you cold chills and makes you want to up chuck just a little.  It was almost up to a coin toss.  Then we decided this is Jean Grey’s best costume and she did wear it just a tad bit better.  Since he was unable to on up her on it, it stays down in the dishonorable pile.

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