Marvel Labbit Mini Series 2 Review

The entire series.
  • Manufacturer:  Kidrobot
  • MSRP:  $9.99
  • Series:  Marvel Labbit Series 2
  • Figure Count:  10
  • Chases:  2


The labbits have been a favorite design series of mine for awhile from the mind of Frank Kozik.  They come in all sorts of forms, all retaining their small bunny look, many times smoking, and always with their little buttholes.  If you are not acquainted with labbits, yes, they all have little dots for their buttholes or something to that effect.  It’s a strange signature for sure, but the labbits are just so darn cool either way.  The only thing that could make them cooler in fact is by Kidrobot and Kozik combining these with Marvel, for not just one series, but now for series 2 as well.

The first series leaned more towards villains and some antiheroes like the Punisher and Deadpool, but now series 2 tilts this in the other direction with a major focus on the hero side with a dash of villain.  This set contains Silver Surfer, Cyclops, Iron Man, Anti-Venom, Captain America, Carnage, Thing, Spider-Man, Hulk, and Wolverine in his brown costume.  Silver Surfer and Anti-Venom get the honor of being the two rare’s from the set, coming 1 per case.  The case setup does allow you to buy a case and get the whole series.

For myself, I decided to start with 6.  My first pull was luckily the Silver Surfer.  I suppose they decided it would be too weird to have him naked (like the butthole on them isn’t a bit strange already anyways) so they threw a pair of boxing shorts on him shown in the picture below.  Next came two Captain America’s, which the design is fairly straight forward.  The next two pulls were two Iron Man’s, again mostly straight forward except for the giant missile hanging out of his mouth.  Finally pulled out a Spider-Man.  His costume is intact, but he gets a face full of web snot to hang out of his nose.


The designs are pretty solid as they retain the classic look of each character but add some slight flair in certain cases.  The accessories that came with them are fairly solid too; I already mentioned Spider-Man and Iron Man, but Cap gets to bite down on his shield and Silver Surfer gets the tail end of his board.  They fit in the correct spot fairly snug and will not fall out.  I’ve never had anything put out by Kidrobot feel cheap or flimsy and the same case applies here; they feel solid and the paint job had no mistakes on the ones I received.  Just like the series 1, eventually I’m going to have to break down and buy more to complete the set.

For a comic fan who has never heard of Kidrobot, labbits are a charming design that will be a unique addition to any collection.  There isn’t much else like them out there and is a great addition to any collection.  As usual, the blind-box appeal won’t be for everyone, but it always excites me, even getting a couple of duplicates.  This was another solid design from Kidrobot, Marvel, and Kozik, which hopefully will continue in the future for additional series.

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