Indie Spotlight: The Dark Hours

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Title: The Dark Hours

Publisher:  BLB Media

Writer:  B. Luciano Barsuglia and Kyle Roberts

Artist:  Kyle Roberts

Purchase Links: Digital / Physical

Everyone likes a good western story.  It takes us back to a harsh time where the law was brutal and typically corrupt while the heroes rode into town to serve their own brand of vigilante justice.  What can make for an even better tale of the wild west is one that successfully integrates a supernatural component and nails it, but which can be extremely tricky.  Look no further at how its done right then here.  A mix of Unforgiven and  new take on vampire horror stories, Barsuglia and Roberts bring us their new series, The Dark Hours.

A stranger rides into the two of redemption, searching for the sheriff.  Directed to the local bar by two of the deputies, the stranger confronts not only the sheriff, but the other occupants, listing off all of their crimes, current and past.  He is The Judge and he passes his judgement on them all; the penalty is death.

After a giant shootout with few survivors, The Judge leaves feelig his mission accomplished.  A young man named Minnesota, who was inspired by what he saw, follows The Judge out-of-town hoping to join him on his righteous quest.  Meanwhile in Redemption, the town is left to pick up the pieces as the deputies try to determine who should become the sheriff.  Before they can make any official situation, a deadly secret comes to light.  The sheriff, as corrupt and deserving of death as he was, kept a secret agreement with dark forces that kept the town alive.  Now that the sheriff is dead the agreement in void, meaning after dark hell is about to be unleashed on Redemption with only themselves and the mysterious Judge and Minnesota to save them.

The story brings everything together you could hope from both genres.  It has big and loud shootouts just like you would hope for from a western, and it has a rag-tag group of survivors having to come together to save themselves, in a Dusk Till Dawn fashion of sorts.  That means too that it looks like not everyone is going to make it out alive.  Anything could happen next and we love that about it.  The series has been brutal so far and we don’t expect the body count to stop until the end.

Roberts pencils match the setting perfectly in our minds.  Instead of going for full color, the book is black and white, only penciled and inked which just feels right in the wild west.  Not only that, but for being part horror story as well, it gives it a much more haunting look, such as with The Walking Dead.  The small and incredible little details he packs in doesn’t get lost out by coloring either.

The Dark Hours is a three-part series with the first two parts now available for sale, in print or digital, which you can find in the links provided above.  Issue three should be arriving this December to bring the series to a close.  Below you can check out the first five pages from the first issue.  We had a great time with the series and cannot wait to see how the series ends.  If you want a fresh twist on two fan favorite genres, make sure to pick up The Dark Hours today.

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