Update: Cincy Comicon 2014 Battle of the Cosplayers 09/13/14

We are nearly one week down in our latest Battle of the Cosplayers Poll from Cincy Comiccon 2014!  Right now we have one clear winning team which has a commanding lead in the front.  With one week to go though, things could still change drastically before the poll ends on Monday, September 22nd!

Right now the trio of Batman villains, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn are in first with a commanding lead with 74% of the votes.  In second the fists of Khonshu, Moon Knight is trailing far behind them with 7%.  In third we have the ever dangerous Splicer from the fan favorite game Bioshock with 4%.

Can any of the other spectacular cosplayers hope to move into the top spot?  Make sure to vote for your favorite before time runs out.  Be responsible and make sure your friends vote too!  Don’t forget, make sure to join our new Community Board to discuss this years poll!

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