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Top 5 Costumes:  Cyclops

I have to admit, when I first started reading X-Men comics, Cyclops was not near the top of my favorite X-Men characters.  Eventually it started to spark, and over the years I grew to love him more and more, until now he is easily in my top three X-Men.  In recent years he has been a polarizing character to fans, his consolidation of power was viewed as a turn off to many people.  Either way, he really is Mr. X-Man being around since the start.  Of course being around since the 60’s has given him numerous costumes choices to pick from.  With so many it was a tough choice, but we narrow it down and give you our picks for Cyclops top 5 costumes.

cyclopsxfactor5.  X-Factor:  How can you show the world that you’re an X-Men?  Use a color scheme that paints a giant X on your body!  During the original X-Factor run, this costume received several modifications, but this ended up on top.  The yellow and blue work better than the white and blue, keeping a better color connection to his original costume.


4.  Age of Apocalypse:  How can you make Cyclops look cooler than he did?  Give him so long silky hair and cut out one of his eyes so he has some cool claw scars from Wolverine on his face.  The “eviler” version of Cyclops from the Age of Apocalypse does look pretty badass, but maybe he should have gotten a haircut after all.  Having the one eye does get him closer to his namesake though


3.  Original:  It’s hard not to like the original X-Men uniforms.  Beyond giving credit to what started it all, they are fairly slick looking.  They look like great student uniforms which is also why I was always happy to see that they continued to use these for the New Mutants as well.  Plus I like the belt to signify that they are the X-Men without having to scream it out as his X-Factor uniform overdid a bit.

cyclops90's2.  Blue Team:  How can anyone not love Jim Lee’s designs for the X-Men.  Each member received an amazing signature look and Cyclops was no different.  His later X-Factor costume left out the cowl first, but I feel it works here best.  The extended utility belt might look weird on anyone else, but Cyclops makes it work.


1.  Astonishing:  John Cassady’s art work was phenomenal on Astonishing X-Men and this costume ranks as Cyclops best.  It doesn’t hurt that it was introduced in what I feel is one of the best X-Men series ever.  The costume is simple and elegant.  It still keeps a tad of yellow in homage to his older costumes, but it most definitely looks like a costume for a grown up Cyclops leading mutant kind.  The addition of a button he can press on his hand so he doesn’t have to keep grabbing his visor just brings an amazing functional addition to the costume that should have been thought up years earlier.

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  1. I’ve got to agree. The Astonishing X-Men costume was rad. The Blue Team costume is iconic – but I’m slightly sick of it now though – so I might have swapped his original costume into 2nd place.

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