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Top 5 Costumes:  Jean Grey

Jean Grey has lived a full super hero’s life.  She’s fought the good fight, died, fought again, died again, time travelled, and so on.  Her wardrobe has had just as an interesting time as her.  When Jean decides what to wear before a big battle, she has multiple choices, more do than many of the X-Men.  It was up to us to go through all those choices, leave what didn’t quite make the cut, burn the hideous outfits, and save her best five.  Then it was time to run before we upset the Phoenix Force, or Cyclops, or Wolverine, for going through her stuff.  Check out below what we pulled for one of the most powerful mutants ever and let us know what you think of our picks!


5.  Original:  How could you not like the original X-Men costumes?  They are classic for a reason.  Better yet, Jean wore it better than the rest of the team.  It is part of the teams unified look, which they’ve never quite matched like here.  We also enjoy the mask, which harkens back to when she actually tried to hide her identity.


4.  Age of Apocalypse:  The Age of Apocalypse brought a costume change to the entire universe, with some hits and misses.  As for Jean’s outfit, while we’ve talked to many who don’t like this, we do.  It gives her a punk rock look to match her teammate and friend Storm’s Mohawk look.  The tattoo on her face gives her that little extra edginess to the character we enjoy.  Plus, red and blue are just good colors for the character.


3.  90’s:  While Jean’s Jim Lee designed costume does not rank as out favorite that he created, we still really like what he created for her.  The cowl works well with her flowing hair for a small, but nice addition.  The yellow and blue match the team’s color scheme for the time, which here relies on the yellow, but has the blue to accent it on her body and gloves.


2.  Phoenix:  Jean’s Phoenix costume probably ranks as her most iconic costume, and that’s for a reason.  It is very sleek and not too complicated, yet it conveys the power inside of her.  The yellow gloves, boots, and sash accenting the green is really what makes everything pop.  Of course the. We have the Phoenix logo on her chest as the final finishing touch.


1.  Marvel Girl ’67:  Now this was a tough choice in deciding what warranted the top spot.  Jean’s second spot in the end stole our hearts.  Her Phoenix costume really had its inspiration here, borrowing the green and yellow.  She kept a mask from her original costume, but we much prefer this style here.  As for the skirt, that’s just plain hip and stylish;  we love it!

Dishonorable Mention


New X-Men:  On one side you have the 90’s era costumes designed by Jim Lee that we loved.  On the complete opposite side we have the New X-Men costumes, inspired by the movies, that make us gag at the site of them.  The series took a closer look at them as teachers at the school, but what type of crazy, freaky teachers would wear something like this?  Her costume looks like it is made out of a hundred small straps coming together to cover her up.  Just a little to bondage looking for Jean Grey for us.  We could be wrong, but we’re pretty sure she died for the X-Men’s fashion sins of this time.  It has been judged and shall be cleansed by the righteous flames of the Phoenix.

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  1. “The series took a closer look at them as teachers at the school, but what type of crazy, freaky teachers would wear something like this?”

    It’s addressed directly by Cyclops during a press conference on that run. A reporter asks almost the exact same question and he says something like “We wear kevlar and leather to protect us from students who don’t quite have a handle on their powers yet.” It wasn’t a fashion statement, it was for safety

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