South Park: The Stick of Truth Kidrobot Series Review

  • Manufacturer:  Kidrobot
  • MSRP:  $9.99 / Grand Wizard Edition $99.99
  • Series:  Stick of Truth
  • Figure Count:  6
  • Chases:  0


South Park: The Stick of Truth has finally arrived after many people gave up hope of ever playing it.  I can say that, yes, it was worth the wait; it is utterly fantastic and has plenty of spots where I burst out laughing uncontrollably while playing (you must summon Mr. Slave in battle, best summon in a RPG ever!)  But I’m not here to review the game, I’ll leave that to the hundred other sites who will be writing on their full impressions.  Several months ago Kidrobot released a 3″ mini figure line for The Stick of Truth and with the game’s release, we finally have the last piece for that series available with the 7″ Grand Wizard Cartman.


This is the second line Kidrobot has released for South Park.  The first released long ago and was a full blind box set with a good chunk of our favorite characters. For The Stick of Truth, they released five figures in open pane boxes so you can see who you are getting.  You have Warrior Stan, High Jew Elf Kyle, Princess Kenny, Grand Wizard Cartman, and Paladin Butters.  As usual for Kidrobot, the production on the line is fantastic.  They are each highly detailed (well, as detailed as South Park gets) and come with their trademark weapon from the game.  The only complaint I have for the figures themselves is that they can be top heavy and hard to keep standing;  I’ve had a few instances where the figures come crashing down to the floor which is very irritating for displaying them, especially the Kyle and Kenny figures.

With the release of the game, if you we’re lucky enough to get your hands on the Grand Wizard Edition, it contained the 7″ Grand Wizard Cartman figure.  The figure is identical otherwise to its 3″ counterpart, but is a great centerpiece for the rest to be displayed around.  The bigger size really suits it, and I feel the colors really pop more.  It also just feels natural to have a giant Cartman lording over the other smaller figures.


There isn’t really anything to complain about with the set, more just wishes of more.  The designs are really well done throughout the game and it would have been nice to see an actual full series out of this with more characters (I want a Bard Jimmy!)  It had a lot of potential for more, busy sadly we just get the main kids.  At least we got Butters!

If you are fan of the show or game you should get these.  The open boxes mean you can get the whole set of 3″ figures easily.  As for the Grand Wizard Edition of the game to get the Cartman, it’s a steal.  Normally a 7″ figure would run you $50 at least.  Here you get it only for $20 more which is one of the best deals I’ve seen for a Kidrobot figure.  Don’t wait to long either, the collector’s edition will be extremely hard to find if you didn’t already grab it.  This is an excellent, but limited, set that every true South Park fan should own.

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