Comic News: Oddly Normal Takes You On A Magical Journey This September

Oddly Normal is a new magical adventure coming this September from Image Comics by cartoonist Otis Frampton.  As the official description states:  Oddly’s life is an unhappy blend of the magic and mortal worlds, but just when she thought life couldn’t get anymore miserable, one innocent wish throws her life asunder. With her safety abruptly thrown into great peril Oddly must travel to the land of Fignation to try to save her family and get back the life she took for granted.

In talking of the series, creator Otis Frampton added:

“I’m looking forward to taking readers on a fun ride.  Fignation is the collective imagination of humanity and Oddly is going to be stuck there for a while. Monsters, magic, super-heroes, time-travel… expect all of it in Oddly Normal.”

You can find Oddly Normal on comic store shelves September 17th.  Until then, you can check out the preview for the series below!

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