What A D-Bag! Colossus In Generation X #4

Welcome to our newest weekly feature.  We love our super heroes because they inspire the best in the world around them in all of their heroic endeavors.  Even so, have you have read an issue where your favorite super hero was just a little less than super?  They do something that makes you really question their actual morals.  Something that just makes you want to exclaim, What A D-Bag!

In the alternate reality Marvel universe, Age of Apocalypse, it was a tough world where tough choices needed to be made.  Even so there were super heroes in that world, and Colossus claimed to be one of them.  In Generation Next #4, he proved however, that he was not so super.

In the issue Colossus and his team Generation Next are trying to save his little sister, Illyana, from Sugar Man and his domain in Seattle Core.  Mondo has Illyana and tries to sneak her out with the assistance of the rest of the students, but things go terrible wrong.  Sugar Man spots the other students in disguise and attacks them, wounding Synch before going after Mondo.  When he finds Mondo, he kills him to retrieve Illyana.

Finally Colossus, with Shadowcat in tow, Colossus comes crashing down from above to smash Sugar Man and grab his sister.  This act of heroic is where his caring stops.  With Sugar Man out of commission, his men go crazy to stop them from leaving.  Chamber is the first to go down, followed right by Skin.  Shadowcat wants to help their students, but Colossus refuses and tells her they must first get Illyana to safety and then come back to help.  As they run away, they leave Husk holding Synch on her back as they are about to get overwhelmed by enemies.


Once they have gotten through the last gate, Colossus tells Shadowcat to take Illyana further away while he goes back to save their students. Illyana believes her brother his a hero and won’t top until he saves their friends.  This happens to be far, far from the truth.  Colossus arrives at the final door to save his students and finds Husk the only one alive, desperately fighting to stay alive while she is being swarmed.  Instead of going to her rescue, he closes the door and leaves.

generationnext4-2 generationnext4-3

Colossus in any universe can be a little one track when it comes to his sister, as be assured this is not the only instance we have found him being less than super.  This is the most egregious example of it.  He and Shadowcat were placed in charge of these students and when it came to their lives, they just were not that important to him.  A super hero risks everything to save those around him, and here Colossus failed in spectacular fashion.  The whole thing just makes us want to say, what a d-bag!

Have you spotted a super hero being less than super?  Send us an email to let us know which hero this was and what issue to find it in, at contact@facomics.com with the subject line What A D-Bag!

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