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Top 5 Costumes:  Colossus

One of the X-Men’s biggest and best bruisers, Colossus, has been around the block a few times.  He has even been in the not-so-elite club of X-Men that have died and comeback to us years later.  For a man that can turn his skin to organic steel, he really doesn’t need to have much of a fashion sense.  You don’t like what he wears, he breaks you.  Luckily this hulking Russian has had some fantastic costumes over the year.  There have been so many in fact, we had to make some tough choices as to what made constituted Colossus’ best costumes.  On the other end, even the decision as to what his worst costume was became a struggled debate as he has had a couple of unfortunate choices.  In the end we chose what we believe are the best, and which was the worst.  See below if your favorite made the cut, and let us know your top five in the comments!


5.  Original:  The red and yellow have been staple colors of almost every costume Colossus has worn since his debut on the hero scene.  What can we say, he wears the colors well.  His original, while a nice starting point has one thing that we just hate. His stiff, pointy shoulder collars are just a little to distracting.  It just seems like a odd choice we do not like.


4.  Phoenix Five:  The phoenix five costumes can be hit or miss, but we thought Colossus looks pretty darn dapper in this.  The gold replacing the yellow in his color scheme is a small, but noticeable improvement that worked for him unlike the other characters.  The multiple layers of his shoulder plates add a bit of extra depth to the costume.  The same can be said for the black and gold straps which add a little more flair to his typical uniform.

3.  Ultimate:  His team uniform in the ultimate universe is probably his most practical uniform.  Sure in steel form he might not be bothered by weather, but when he reverts to normal, having pants would probably be preferable.  The layout of the straps across his chest are like that from a costume we love from another character, Cyclops’ 90’s uniform.

2.  Acolyte:  Our things for heroes with capes definitely comes into play hero.  Who would have thought Colossus could pull off a cape so well?  Or the color purple for that matter. The switch from yellow to purple is a bold choice for the character, but it looks good with his steel skin.  It doesn’t matter that he had little choice in colors when following Magneto as it worked well regardless.

1.  Astonishing:  When Colossus came back from the “dead” he brought back with him a modified version of his original costume.  If his original was a rough draft, this is the finished piece.  His shoulder cuffs have been fixed and lay flat on his arms for a much sleeker appearance.  The last piece to fall into place is his expanded belt.  It is much bigger and defined in this costume which gives the whole thing a bit more yellow to offset a bit of the red.

Dishonorable Mention

Age of Apocalypse:  While it was a tough call, his Age of Apocalypse costume takes this weeks dishonorable mention.  His mask and various straps and pieces of clothing flowing around make him look like a cross between a hobo and a pirate.  The mask is a little much, even if he is using it to hide his hideously scared mug.  The yellow body builder shirt just looks ridiculous on him.  It does add yellow and almost fits with the roid rage this Colossus obviously must suffer from, but that does not change the fact that it looks terrible.  Wearing this, we don’t even feel bad that Gambit had to kill him or that he was later resurrected by Weapon X for evil purposes.  He deserved it all.

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