Graphic Review: Molly Danger Book One


Title:  Molly Danger Book One

Publisher:  Action Lab Entertainment

Writer:  Jamal Igle

Artist:  Jamal Igle

Review:  ★★★★☆

Molly Danger is just like any normal ten year old girl.  She’s super strong, invincible, and from a planet far, far away.  Oh and she’s really thirty, her race just ages slower than normal humans which gives her the appearance of a ten year old.  So maybe she isn’t anything like a normal ten year old girl after all. What Molly Danger is though, is a brand new super heroine both written and penciled by the multi-talented Jamal Igle from Action Lab Entertainment.

The book opens to the evil Medula in a giant robot monstrosity, causing massive destruction in Coopersville, New York.  The police have been told to hold back, as private organization D.A.R.T. is inbound with Molly Danger.  She jumps onto Medula’s robot trying to disable it but is punched aside, flying through buildings a mile away.  Needing to gt back into the action, she hitches a ride on  police helicopter piloted by Austin Briggs, who disobeys orders to stay away from Medula and flies Molly back.  Slamming down on the machine, Molly is able to rip a hole through and pull Medula out, saving the day.

Being a super hero does not mean life is good for Molly.  Even after saving Coopersville, she is lectured for causing to much damage.  At D.A.R.T. she is allowed no friends and spends most of her time alone.  Things however, seem ready to turn around.  Austin Briggs, about to be thrown off the force for disobeying orders, finally receives notice that D.A.R.T. has brought him on as one of Molly’s pilots.  Thrilled with the news, he jumps into the position and quickly tries to be a friend to Molly by spending time with her and bringing her home to his wife and stepson for dinner, of which his stepson she quickly befriends.  While everything seems to be going great for Molly, an unknown threat has begun gathering her worst villains for something that will surely spell trouble.

Igle has crafted a great new heroine with Molly Danger.  She is light-hearted and able to crack jokes during her battles, even as life around her is pretty much terrible.  You really get to feel for her from the isolation of being the lone alien alive on Earth.  Even the only mother figure she has in life sees her only as a dangerous weapon.  Despite everything against her Molly has turned into a hero that the world does not seem to deserve.  The only questionable choice I found with her in regards to the story is that fact that she is near thirty but still looks like a child.  It does serve to establish that she is already an established legend in the world, but otherwise she still acts and is treated like a child regardless.

Briggs is instantly likable as the cocky, fun pilot with a heart of gold, but he is the only support character that is enjoyable beyond the villains.  Everyone at D.A.R.T. are so cold to Molly that they are instantly hated more than the bad guys.  Medula was actually a fun character with an interesting design.  It seems whenever we see Book Two arrive we should see more of him.

While I’ve always been a fan of Igle’s art, Molly Danger represents some of his best work.  You can see the passion he had for the project which he created from the ground up in his pencils.  Every character has a unique, consistent look to them.  Molly and Medula are both standouts from the book from a design concept.  In Medula’s case, who doesn’t love a floating brain in a robotic body?  The entire package is complemented perfectly by Romulo Fajardo Jr.’s vivid colors that give the book an old school style, super hero feel.

It’s hard to find a good super hero book anymore that has a golden age, jovial approach to the story telling.  While dark gritty stories can be wonderful, it is nice to see a graphic novel that doesn’t feel the need to go down that path.  Igle has created an interesting new world and excellent new super heroine that we really hope we get to see more of in the near future.  Molly Danger is simply fun to sit back and read.


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