One, Two, Kapow Comic Reviews 08/06/14

Best of the Week


Title:  Angel & Faith Season 10 #5

Publisher:  Dark Horse Comics

Writer:  Victor Gischler

Artist:  Derlis Santacruz

Review:  ★★★★★

The book reverts to an Angel perspective for this week as Faith takes a breather from the title.  That’s not a large problem though as Angel has found himself in a very intriguing story that takes the full issue’s attention.  The rules of magic being unwritten in Buffy finally catches up to us here as Angel finds a vampire who can go out into the sun long with a few other nifty power.  While Angel investigates this, he also has a dream about killing a nun and burning down a church as Angelus.  Only at the end of the issue, he finds that it actually may have happened as he stumbles upon firefighters containing the fire from the church.  Whether it happened or not, we are sure to learn soon, but it is keeping us on the edge of our seat.  It was also a welcome addition to see the events of Buffy crossing over into the book, even though it appears we may have awhile before the two meet again.  This new story does have the potential to finally bring Angel and Faith back together which would be welcome.  Another great issue from Gischler and co!


Title:  Harbinger:  Omegas #1

Publisher:  Valiant Entertainment

Writer:  Joshua Dysart

Artist:  Rafa Sandoval

Review:  ★★★★★

Harbinger has come to a turning point in which after Omegas, nothing will be the same.  In the last issue of the Harbinger proper series, Toyo Harad a began his assault on the world and now he stated his intentions publicly by attacking the battleship he was to surrender at.  The scene really shows just how powerful his psiot army and he really are, especially as he dismantles an incoming warhead piece by piece in an amazing panel from Sandoval.  The question remains whether the Renegades will be able to come together to stop Toyo.  While it’s a safe bet to assume they will, if and when that happens is a long way off.  Kris found out that you can never go back home as when she attempts to, she is arrested and held for questioning about Peter’s location.  Peter himself is not in the best mental state as he tries to hide away while projecting manifestations of two of his deceased friends to talk to.  Our hero’s have hit rock bottom at the worst possible time, but there is still a job for them to finish which we can’t wait for.

The Weekly Rundown


Title:  Dry Spell #2

Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment

Writer:  Ken Krekeler

Artist:  Ken Krekeler

Review:  ★★★★☆

Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in.  In Tom Ferris’ case, he gladly seizes the opportunity to reenter his old super villain life after spending years retired from that life in a dull office.  He slowly finishes forming his team and sets in motion a bank robbery to test themselves.  There is an option for the easy way and the hard way.  Tom wants the hard way.  Watching Tom’s slow transformation back into a villain has been an interesting experience as he is ready to go back to his darker ways, but at the same time he is not quite ready to let go of his new retired life.  One can only imagine that it will not take long for things in his normal life to completely fall apart the further down the rabbit hole he goes.  Krekeler is not only giving us an enjoyable super villain tale, but also serves up the beautiful art for us as well.  While the pencil work is highly detailed, his coloring is possibly the most intriguing part of the art as it is done with muted pastels that really jump off the page and fit in with each scene.  Dry Spell continues to impress on all fronts.



Title:  The Bunker #5

Publisher:  Oni Press

Writer:  Joshua Hale Fialkov

Artist: Joe Infurnari

Review:  ★★★☆☆

The Grady of the future and present finally meet with everyone in tow.  Future Grady tries to convince them that he is trying to save the world, even with the information that they found in the bunker saying otherwise.  What we get though is a little underwhelming.  While I love how natural the book comes across between the character interactions, having them stop for Thai food before they continue a conversation that pertains to saving the world was a bit of a misstep.  Present Grady’s reaction to his future self seemed to transition from horror to accept a little to quick.  Everything wrong with the book came from the two Grady’s, as the rest of the cast were believable.  Unfortunately everything hinged on the two which brought the issue down.  The Bunker is a great series, this issue just did not come off as well as the rest.


Title:  Usagi Yojimbo:  Senso #1

Publisher:  Dark Horse Comics

Writer:  Stan Sakai

Artist: Stan Sakai

Review:  ★★★☆☆

Senso finally brings us the long awaited return of ronin warrior, Usagi Yojimbo.  Except Yojimbo now has a new master to follow, Lord Noriyuki who is currently in battle against power hungry Lord Hikiji.  The battle itself is epic showing the battalions clashing in a unique way that only Stan Sakai can.  If you’re a fan of Usagi Yojimbo, you’ll be swimming in joy with Senso.  If this would be your first time, the world Sakai has created is like nothing else, but once you immerse yourself into it, it’s beautiful, story and art.  Senso also ends in a head scratching moment for the characters and reader, but one that serves up an interesting twist.


Title:  The Victories #14

Publisher:  Dark Horse Comics

Writer:  Michael Avon Oeming

Artist:  Michael Avon Oeming

Review:  ★★★★☆

 If you want the most brutal comic possible this week, look no further than The Victories.  The team has arrived at their final conflict and everything starts to go to hell.  With only one issue left, Oeming certainly is not pulling any punches.  It’s hard to say much about this issue without spoiling it, but it is an all out battle that you do not want to miss.  The Victories has not been one of my favorite comic series, not by a long shot.  Yet the series has been slowly growing on me, and now we have this, easily the best issue of The Victories I have read.  Oeming’s art is always beautiful, but the story has finally come together for one hell of a finale.


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