Movie News: Cletus Kasady Joining Venom In ASM 2 Spin-Off?

Deadline broke some interesting news today regarding Sony’s plans for its Amazing Spider-Man spin-off films. First off they are reporting that Sony is interested in a female led spin-off film, even though they did not who it would be based on. The best guesses at the moment point towards either a Black Cat film, as Felicia Hardy was introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, or possibly a Jessica Drew Spider-Woman film. We’re keeping out fingers crossed for a zombie Gwen Stacey spin-off film too.

One of the more revealing tidbits they found however, is that the Venom spin-off film has a new production title, Venom Carnage. Could this just mean Venom is going to cause a lot of destruction before turning good? Possibly, but it more likely means we will see Venom face off against Cletus Kasady, or better known as Carnage when combined with his own symbiote.

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